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Four energy engineers walked into a bar...
09.13.16 | Four energy engineers walked into a bar... September 13, 2016 | by Marge Anderson, Executive Vice President, Seventhwave Actually, it wasn’t a bar. It was a dinner party. After the second local, sustainable micro-brew the truth came out. Shanti... MORE

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Advanced design for enclosed parking garages
02.15.16 | MORE


About our building
05.14.14 | In November 2013, we realized a dream we've had for nearly two decades—to live our mission by locating our headquarters in a green building.Our space tells an important economic story. The LEED Platinum Core and Shell building is developer-driven,... MORE


Taking a performance-based approach to building procurement: opportunities for owners, designers, and CIPs
03.29.18 | We studied the viability of performance-based procurement (PBP) to achieve higher energy savings, without increasing capital cost to owners, through early owner involvement, goal setting and energy modeling. The study also examined the role that... MORE
Codes don't always get enforced, but contracts do: changing the procurement paradigm to drive building energy performance
12.12.16 | ACEEE 2016 paper by Adam McMillen, et al. MORE


Vision and sustainable strategies: our new building
12.19.13 | Frank Greb and Scott Hackel share the vision for our new space and give a brief technical overview of the HVAC system (including variable refrigerant flow geothermal) and lighting/daylighting strategies. MORE
Iterative daylight modeling using Rhino, AGi32 and Adobe Creative Suite
12.18.13 | Daylight modeling is important for understanding light levels, environmental quality and energy saving impacts of early design decisions. Many daylight modeling tools have been developed, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. In this video,... MORE


Public Sector New Construction Overview
12.11.17 | Find out how to generate long-term energy and cost savings through the ComEd® Energy Efficiency Program public sector new construction offerings. Maximize benefits and incentives for your next new construction or major renovation project. In this... MORE
Accelerate Performance: turn energy goals into reality
09.18.17 | Every year new buildings are constructed that use more energy than expected. Empowered owners and developers can achieve desired energy performance goals within their project budget through performance-based procurement. What does it really take to... MORE
Building a Green Veterans network
04.27.17 | Veterans are ideal candidates for helping our nation achieve its sustainability goals. This presentation will make the case for Green Veterans, share a platform for proven success in engaging veterans, and give you the tools you need to initiate a... MORE
High-performance design in high-rise buildings
01.27.17 | Delve into the topic of envelope performance—arguably the largest single remaining opportunity for deep energy efficiency in high-rise buildings. This webinar focuses on all-glass buildings; debunking common industry myths and making the case for... MORE
Sustainable architecture: transform your portfolio
09.07.16 | Every firm has at least one or two showcase projects that have reached aspirational sustainable design goals. How do you achieve those goals across your entire portfolio? It’s a challenge, but not impossible. Join us to examine a holistic approach... MORE
LEED v4: life cycle assessment in practice
08.02.16 | Demystify the LCA process from start to finish with a mix of concept review, software demonstration and self-assessment. This course explores how Environmental Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) applies within the LEED Rating System, including its... MORE
Zero net energy building cost control and feasibility
04.06.16 | As a result of this webinar you will be able to: Describe how to put together quick initial estimates for photovoltaic energy production and building energy consumption. Discuss zero net energy building cost control strategies. Explain how to... MORE
Better homes video series
01.21.16 | Learn how to add value to one of the largest purchases of your life, your home, through energy upgrades that also enhance comfort. In addition, take a look at various green certifications and how they provide a roadmap toward the pursuit of a... MORE
Architectural energy goals (video series)
12.22.15 | As a result of this video series, you will be able to: Describe why building energy optimization is a key component of quality design. Explain why optimization opportunities are greatest in the early design phase. Discuss the design solutions... MORE
Incorporating energy modeling into the design process
04.02.15 | As a result of this webinar, you will be able to: Discuss the critical steps to incorporating energy modeling into the design process. Develop contract language to address the need for scope analysis early on. Explain solutions to common pitfalls... MORE
Climate impact and building resilience strategies
08.26.14 | As a result of this webinar, you will be able to: Discuss the expected climate impacts on Chicago temperatures and building performance. Describe the process used to analyze climate impacts on building performance. List key energy efficiency... MORE
Pursuit of net zero energy: the Walgreens experience
02.13.14 | As a result of this webinar you will be able to: Describe the various definitions of net zero, and how your building projects can utilize these definitions to stretch performance. Explain the strategies and steps involved in designing net zero... MORE
Deep energy retrofits: a holistic approach to greater savings
12.05.13 | Deep energy retrofits serve a dual purpose: not only do they achieve energy and cost savings, but they also have the potential to become a new and robust business model for architects. Making energy efficiency improvements in existing buildings most... MORE
Conceptual energy modeling: clarifying early design opportunities
09.03.13 | Conceptual energy modeling can help to inform many critical energy focused decisions very early in the design process. Early energy-efficiency decisions can help to avoid expensive "re-design" fees, reduce the cost to implement measures later in... MORE
Basic building science—a study of air, heat and moisture movement
12.12.12 | As a result of this presentation, you will be able to: Explain the driving forces behind air, heat and moisture movement Identify heat and moisture transfer mechanisms Describe what creates an effective thermal boundary Specify building details... MORE