Topic: new construction


Advanced Detailing for High Performance Envelopes
04.13.18 | Advanced detailing for high performance envelopes Envelope detailing impacts thermal comfort, energy use and material degradation. Don’t lose sight of these details in favor of architectural aesthetics or upfront cost control. The performance... MORE


Taking a performance-based approach to building procurement: opportunities for owners, designers, and CIPs
03.29.18 | We studied the viability of performance-based procurement (PBP) to achieve higher energy savings, without increasing capital cost to owners, through early owner involvement, goal setting and energy modeling. The study also examined the role that... MORE
Verified! How performance-based procurement can boost new construction program savings, streamline evaluation, and empower building owners
12.12.16 | ACEEE 2016 paper by Sandra Henry, Claire Cowan, et al. MORE
Searching for savings opportunities in commercial new construction programs
04.15.14 | Utility-sponsored energy efficiency programs for commercial new construction are designed to push building efficiency beyond what is required through compliance with building codes. Yet there are opportunities for increasing the efficiency of new... MORE


Technology in action—market-ready technologies for new construction
04.13.18 | Make market-ready technologies an integral part of your design team’s vision for successful, high-performance design projects. These cost-effective innovations lead to greater opportunities for energy savings. Join us to learn about technologies... MORE
Affordable Housing New Construction Overview
02.01.18 | The ComEd® Energy Efficiency Program affordable housing new construction (AHNC) offering provides technical guidance and incentives for developers of single-family and multi-family new construction and major renovation projects to reduce energy use... MORE
Public Sector New Construction Overview
12.11.17 | Find out how to generate long-term energy and cost savings through the ComEd® Energy Efficiency Program public sector new construction offerings. Maximize benefits and incentives for your next new construction or major renovation project. In this... MORE
Accelerate Performance: turn energy goals into reality
09.18.17 | Every year new buildings are constructed that use more energy than expected. Empowered owners and developers can achieve desired energy performance goals within their project budget through performance-based procurement. What does it really take to... MORE
Radon control options for new home construction
08.02.17 | As a result of this course, participants will be able to: Articulate why effective radon control in new homes is important. Differentiate between the two types of radon control systems (passive and active). Identify the critical components of radon... MORE
High-performance design in high-rise buildings
01.27.17 | Delve into the topic of envelope performance—arguably the largest single remaining opportunity for deep energy efficiency in high-rise buildings. This webinar focuses on all-glass buildings; debunking common industry myths and making the case for... MORE
Modern framing techniques that work
10.31.16 | As a result of this webinar, you will be able to: Discuss advanced framing techniques. Explain how to increase energy efficiency with advanced framing systems without sacrificing strength. Describe how advanced framing systems can be used in... MORE
Sustainable architecture: transform your portfolio
09.07.16 | Every firm has at least one or two showcase projects that have reached aspirational sustainable design goals. How do you achieve those goals across your entire portfolio? It’s a challenge, but not impossible. Join us to examine a holistic approach... MORE
Zero net energy building cost control and feasibility
04.06.16 | As a result of this webinar you will be able to: Describe how to put together quick initial estimates for photovoltaic energy production and building energy consumption. Discuss zero net energy building cost control strategies. Explain how to... MORE
Evolving Wisconsin’s home construction practices: with or without code
10.14.15 | As a result of this webinar, you will be able to: Determine which building practices raise performance while reducing the cost of maintenance and operation. Outline the pros and cons of going beyond Wisconsin's minimum code requirements. Discuss... MORE
Midwest energy codes and policy: reaching full potential
05.03.13 | What strategies will help us deliver on the economic and environmental promises of the Midwest’s energy policy? From a technical perspective, we’ll first take a look at untapped opportunities to achieve deeper energy savings through new construction... MORE