12.30.13 | Results of the 2011 Midwest Energy Survey. Prepared for Focus on Energy.
06.17.13 | Communiques from the 2007 Midwest Energy Survey.
06.17.13 | Presented by Ingo Bensch at the Behavior, Energy & Climate Change Conference, Sacramento, California, November 19, 2008.
12.06.12 | Public attitudes about climate change have implications for advocates of energy efficiency and climate-friendly actions. The Energy Center examined what current attitudes about climate change mean for the use of climate messages to motivate energy...


06.26.12 | Hear what residential customers in Wisconsin, the Midwest, and the nation had to say about energy topics! Join Ingo Bensch for a webinar on the Energy Center of Wisconsin's latest research on consumer perceptions and actions concerning their energy...

Importance of public attitudes

Climate change mitigation has grown into an important national policy issue. The majority of human greenhouse gas emissions result from our use of carbon-based fuels. In North America, the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions are linked to energy use in buildings, manufacturing, and transportation. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions will require extensive changes in our energy infrastructure, as well as the way people and organizations use energy.

Public attitudes toward climate change can propel or retard policy measures and voluntary programs designed to decrease American and global contributions to climate change. Although public opinion surveys have been tracking various attitudes about climate change for a number of years, few surveys have addressed the energy connection in sufficient depth to be used for program and policy development.