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Plugging energy into construction planning
06.06.18 | Finance & Commerce profiles our study of one of the first health care buildings in the country to use performance-based procurement, a process in which design and construction teams must meet the energy performance goal set by the building owner... MORE
The EUI Analyzer Tool from Seventhwave
11.22.17 | Facility Executive magazine featured an article on Seventhwave’s EUI Analyzer Tool. This tool was developed to support the Department of Energy’s Accelerate Performance utility new construction program. This online energy analysis tool is designed... MORE
Iceberg! Is your architecture portfolio on a collision course with sustainable design?
12.07.16 | In the latest issue of Sustainable Chicago, Seventhwave's Connor Jansen and Dave Vigliotta discuss the "unseen reality" of building projects that threaten our progress toward a sustainable built environment. MORE
What's being said about our energy modeling capabilities?
06.24.16 | According to Architectural Products Editorial Director Jim Crockett, when it comes to window-to-wall ratio, Seventhwave is "sciencing the s*@t out of this kind of stuff." Read more. MORE
Nation’s first zero energy retail store
01.05.16 | Seventhwave performed the energy modeling and analysis for the new Walgreens in Evanston, IL. Read an article highlighting the project: Net-zero cost-benefits justify early hurdles (in Builtworlds) Posted November 4, 2015 | Read the case study... MORE
Introductory eQUEST online: the Design Development wizard
07.26.12 | The Energy Center announces the availability of a comprehensive video training module in its suite of eQUEST learning opportunities. This online training is geared toward engineers, architects, other design professionals and anyone wanting a better... MORE
Early design assistance, energy modeling lead to award-winning facility
07.26.12 | Energy Center provides MSI General with early design and energy modeling expertise for wind turbine production plant Ingeteam, a wind turbine manufacturer based in Spain, recently established its new 120,000 square foot production plant in Milwaukee... MORE

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Behind the energy model
06.20.16 | Behind the energy model June 20, 2016 Marge Anderson, Seventhwave’s Executive Vice President, explores the energy modeling landscape during a Q&A session with Keith Swartz, PE, BEMP, LEED AP, Senior Energy Engineer. Keith Swartz shares the art... MORE
I model
03.24.16 | I model March 28, 2016 | by Saranya Gunasingh LEED AP BD+C, Energy Engineer, Seventhwave I think my work is very cool and I love it—well, mostly—because sometimes I think energy modeling needs the calmness of a Zen master and the strength of a... MORE


08.20.12 | We influence stakeholders to make deep energy savings in buildings a critical environmental strategy. MORE


Searching for savings opportunities in commercial new construction programs
04.15.14 | Utility-sponsored energy efficiency programs for commercial new construction are designed to push building efficiency beyond what is required through compliance with building codes. Yet there are opportunities for increasing the efficiency of new... MORE
Teaching commercial building energy dynamics through simplified energy modeling tools
11.20.12 | Paper for ACEEE 2012 Summer Study by Lee DeBaillie, Energy Center of Wisconsin. Building energy modelers work daily with computer simulations of the various energy interactions within a wide variety of building types. However, building energy... MORE
Process Energy Efficiency Improvements in Wisconsin Cheese Plants
09.20.12 | This thesis investigates opportunities to reduce energy and electrical demand at two representative cheese factories. Using computer modeling and thermodynamic analysis, the study explores using low-temperature steam to recover waste heat from a... MORE


Back of the Envelope Calculator
11.07.11 | Play and learn Our Back-of-the-Envelope calculator is a learning tool that allows anyone to interact with a building as an energy system. You can see real-time energy connections between building components, isolate the effects of changing a single... MORE


2016 ACEEE Summer Study Shorts
09.02.16 | MORE
Tutorial: Back of the Envelope Calculator
12.18.13 | Our Back-of-the-Envelope calculator is a learning tool that allows anyone to interact with a building as an energy system. You can see real-time energy connections between building components, isolate the effects of changing a single energy... MORE
Iterative daylight modeling using Rhino, AGi32 and Adobe Creative Suite
12.18.13 | Daylight modeling is important for understanding light levels, environmental quality and energy saving impacts of early design decisions. Many daylight modeling tools have been developed, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. In this video,... MORE


Incorporating energy modeling into the design process
04.02.15 | As a result of this webinar, you will be able to: Discuss the critical steps to incorporating energy modeling into the design process. Develop contract language to address the need for scope analysis early on. Explain solutions to common pitfalls... MORE
Climate impact and building resilience strategies
08.26.14 | As a result of this webinar, you will be able to: Discuss the expected climate impacts on Chicago temperatures and building performance. Describe the process used to analyze climate impacts on building performance. List key energy efficiency... MORE
Pursuit of net zero energy: the Walgreens experience
02.13.14 | As a result of this webinar you will be able to: Describe the various definitions of net zero, and how your building projects can utilize these definitions to stretch performance. Explain the strategies and steps involved in designing net zero... MORE
Conceptual energy modeling: clarifying early design opportunities
09.03.13 | Conceptual energy modeling can help to inform many critical energy focused decisions very early in the design process. Early energy-efficiency decisions can help to avoid expensive "re-design" fees, reduce the cost to implement measures later in... MORE