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A Post-Occupancy Monitored Evaluation of the Dimmable Lighting, Automated Shading, and Underfloor Air Distribution System in the New York Times Building
02.01.13 | In this report, the authors discuss the major renovation of the New York Times building in Manhattan, New York. The New York Times occupies 19 floors and 628,000 gross square feet of their building. They recently undertook a major renovation... MORE
Lighting Controls in Commercial Buildings
04.29.13 | In this paper, the authors conduct a meta study of available research on the energy savings associated with lighting controls. In total, they summarize 88 papers, comprising 240 savings estimates of 4 controls strategies; daylighting, occupancy... MORE
Lighting Research Center Research Areas: Daylighting
04.29.13 | This website hosts a variety of daylighting publications and case studies. MORE
Solar Zoning and Energy in Detached Residential Dwellings
04.29.13 | The amount of solar energy that a building receives in a year greatly affects its energy usage. In densely developed areas, a building can shade its neighbors, thereby impacting their energy usage. The Solar Envelope is a zoning tool that... MORE
Energy Use Intensity and its Influence on the Integrated Daylighting Design of a Large Net Zero Energy Building
04.29.13 | The authors discuss the daylighting design process associated with the Research Support Facility, a 220,000 ft2 office building on the National Renewable Energy Laboratory campus. From the beginning of design, the project had a goal of low energy... MORE
Integrating Advanced Daylight Analysis into Building Energy Analysis
04.29.13 | DOE-2.2's daylight control modeling methodology has been shown to be inaccurate. An and Mason developed a methodology to more accurately predict the lighting savings from implementing daylight controls by adjusting the DOE-2.2 lighting schedules... MORE
Multi-Objective Facade Optimization for Daylighting Design Using a Genetic Algorithm
04.29.13 | Genetric algorithms are a powerful method for determining the optimal set of inputs in order to achieve a desired result. In this paper, Gagne and Anderson develop a genetic algorithm for determining the set of facade parameters (window-to-wall... MORE
On the Use of Integrated Daylighting and Energy Simulations to Drive the Design of a Large Net-Zero Energy Office Building
04.29.13 | Daylight modeling and energy modeling have evolved on similar, but parallel, paths. Both are powerful tools that have yet to be married in a seamless way. This paper is a case study of the impact that these tools had on the design of the National... MORE
Dynamic Daylight Performance Metrics for Sustainable Building Design
04.29.13 | In this paper, Reinhart et al. investigates various dynamic daylight performance metrics and compares their advantages and disadvantages as opposed to static metrics. Daylight factor is one such static metric that is defined as the ratio of internal... MORE
Lighting in Nursing Homes: the Unmet Need
04.29.13 | Noell-Waggoner describes the need for improved lighting and more daylighting in nursing homes. Age-related changes to the eye tend to decrease the amount of light that reaches the retinue. This leads to higher instances of accidents and disrupted... MORE
Sidelighting Photocontrols Field Study
04.29.13 | The Heschong Mahone Group, supported by Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas and Electric and the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, conducted this study of existing daylight-responsive lighting controls in sidelit buildings. The study... MORE
Simulation-Based Review of the Ubiquitous Window-Head-Height to Daylit Zone Depth Rule-Of-Thumb
04.29.13 | In this paper, Reinhart explores the validity of various daylighting rule of thumb (DRT) design methodologies by checking their accuracy against Radiance-based models in Daysim. Specifically, the paper investigates the rule that a sidelit daylit... MORE
Reviews of Technical Reports on Daylight and Productivity
04.29.13 | In October 2003, the California Energy Commission released three reports prepared by the Heschong-Mahone Group under the Public Interest Energy Research program. These reports describe epidemiological studies of the impact of daylight on:... MORE
What's Wrong with Daylighting? Where It Goes Wrong and How Users Respond to Failure
04.29.13 | The authors summarize eight cases studies of various projects that employed daylighting controls. Each project encountered issues and the authors analyze the failure mechanism and how the users coped with them. A method of failure analysis is... MORE
Lightswitch-2002: a model for manual and automated control of electric lighting and blinds
04.29.13 | The IESNA Lighting Handbook indicates that lighting control performance information is not readily available and that it depends on indoor daylight levels, size of space, work schedules, and occupant attitude and training. In this paper, Reinhardt... MORE
Windows and Offices: A Study of Office Worker Performance and the Indoor Environment
04.29.13 | The Heschong Mahone Group, supported by the California Energy Commission, conducted two field studies to determine the impact of the daylight and windows on office worker productivity. Both studies were of office workers at the Sacramento Municipal... MORE
Field Performance of Daylight-Linked Lighting Controls
04.29.13 | This paper evaluates the performance of photosensor-controlled electric lighting under different configurations of office spaces. Four offices spaces in Ottawa, Canada were studied, each having a floor area of 14 m2 (150 ft2), height of 3 m (9.8 ft... MORE
TripleSave - The Investigation and Monitoring of a Combined Natural Daylighting and Stack Ventilation System
04.29.13 | In this paper, Oakley et al develop a testing method for measuring the amount of natural daylight and passive ventilation a light pipe introduces into a test chamber. Two light pipes were analyzed, both having diameters of 0.215 m and lengths of 2.... MORE
On the Calibration and Commissioning of Lighting Controls
04.29.13 | Rubinstein et al. discuss commissioning and calibration of lighting control systems. Specifically, they address the importance of both as well as advice for effective performance. In this context, commissioning is a process for ensuring the... MORE
Field Commissioning of a Daylight-Dimming Lighting System
04.29.13 | The authors performed a lighting retrofit on an elementary school cafeteria in Florida. The cafeteria had 70% glazing on its east and west facing facades, as well as vertical blinds. The retrofit replaced the magnetically-ballasted, 40W T12 lamps... MORE
Improving the Performance of Photo-Electrically Controlled Lighting Systems
04.29.13 | Rubinstein et al. analyze three different algorithms for dimming electric lights in response to changing daylight availability. The three basic components of a photo-electrically controlled light system are described: a photosensor for measuring... MORE


About our building
05.14.14 | In November 2013, we realized a dream we've had for nearly two decades—to live our mission by locating our headquarters in a green building.Our space tells an important economic story. The LEED Platinum Core and Shell building is developer-driven,... MORE
LEED Guide v.3.0
06.13.13 | LEED v.3.0 and Daylighting—Daylighting Isn't Just for Views Learn how to get LEED points for EA credits as well as views. LEED™ was created by the US Green Building Council as a guideline to help owners and design/construction professionals create... MORE
LEED Guide v.2.2
06.13.13 | LEED v.2.2 and Daylighting—Daylighting Isn't Just for Views Learn how to get LEED points for EA credits as well as views. LEED™ was created by the US Green Building Council as a guideline to help owners and design/construction professionals create... MORE
Commissioning for optimal savings from daylight controls
06.04.13 | Proper commissioning can lead to energy savings—often 60% or more Daylighting control, or daylight harvesting, has become a common energy savings strategy in many sustainable building projects, but several barriers still prevent successful... MORE
Daylighting guidance
12.12.12 | Good daylighting creates beautiful, appropriately lit spaces while saving energy. Success comes from a combination of art and science, architecture and engineering. Rather than relying solely on electric lighting during the day, daylighting brings... MORE


Tip sheet: Calibration and commissioning for energy savings from daylighting
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Daylight controls glossary
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Commissioning for optimal savings from daylight controls
06.04.13 | Automatic daylighting control is an energy savings strategy employed in many sustainable building projects. While considerable effort is often expended in the architectural and lighting design of daylighting control strategies, the actual execution... MORE
Energy Savings from Daylighting: A Controlled Experiment
09.20.12 | Demonstrating actual lighting and HVAC impacts from high performance glazing and daylighting strategies is difficult. While many schools and other buildings have been designed and built using these strategies, attempts to compare energy consumption... MORE
NASEO Project: Energy Smart Schools - Applied Research, Field Testing, and Technology Integration
06.14.13 | The Association of State Energy Research and Technology Transfer Institutions, Inc. (ASERTTI) and the National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO) with the Department of Energy (DOE) and the EnergySmart Schools Program conducted a joint... MORE
Performance Monitoring of a Daylit Commercial Building
09.20.12 | Report presents the results of detailed energy use monitoring of the Hoffman Corporation headquarters, a daylit building located in Appleton, Wisconsin. Includes analysis of lighting energy use, chiller energy use, lighting levels and employee... MORE
Project profile: TomoTherapy Building, Madison, WI
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Project profile: Thrivent Financial Bank, Appleton, WI
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Project profile: Schlitz-Audubon Nature Center, Milwaukee, WI
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Project profile: Oscar J. Boldt Construction, Stevens Point, WI
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Project profile: The Gialamas Company Corporate Headquarters, Madison, WI
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Project profile: Chilton High School, Chilton, WI
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Project profile: Athena Building, Madison, WI
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Daylighting in Wisconsin: A Program Study
09.20.12 | Study developed an approach to a statewide daylighting program (implemented as ECW's Daylighting Collaborative) ordered by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin in 1996. The Commission order stated that the program should address demonstration... MORE


Back of the Envelope Calculator
11.07.11 | Play and learn Our Back-of-the-Envelope calculator is a learning tool that allows anyone to interact with a building as an energy system. You can see real-time energy connections between building components, isolate the effects of changing a single... MORE


Vision and sustainable strategies: our new building
12.19.13 | Frank Greb and Scott Hackel share the vision for our new space and give a brief technical overview of the HVAC system (including variable refrigerant flow geothermal) and lighting/daylighting strategies. MORE
Iterative daylight modeling using Rhino, AGi32 and Adobe Creative Suite
12.18.13 | Daylight modeling is important for understanding light levels, environmental quality and energy saving impacts of early design decisions. Many daylight modeling tools have been developed, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. In this video,... MORE