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Climate Data Toolkit

How do you design buildings that are equipped to handle the expected increase in temperature and extreme weather events of the future? Don’t leave climate data out of the equation. Download free, packaged and tested data files to incorporate into your energy modeling software.

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EUI Analyzer

Energy use intensity is a number that expresses a building’s energy use as a function of its size. A low EUI generally signifies good energy performance. Set an EUI for your new building or see how your current building stacks up.

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Back-of-the-Envelope Calculator

What happens to cooling costs if roof insulation is doubled? How much does it cost to keep a building open longer? Does lighting efficiency also affect heating energy? Explore expected outcomes of design and management decisions.

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HyGCHP Modeling Tool

What impacts do different hybrid geothermal approaches have in terms of energy and economics? What size equipment and control strategies are optimal? How much money can be saved? Investigate several configurations of geothermal systems.

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