Energy consulting

We facilitate innovation in your projects to help you deliver stand-out, high performance buildings while balancing client needs.

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Please contact:

Scott Hackel, PE, LEED AP
Principal Energy Engineer
email | 608.210.7129


We balance advanced expertise with hands-on field experience, customer insights, and rigorous economic filters to identify market potential for a range of programs and technologies. We also develop and apply research approaches that can be replicated around the country to implement adaptation strategies for building energy performance.

Explore our work: behavior change | climate resilience | technology research | potential studies

Please contact:

Doug Ahl, Ph.D.
Director of Research
email | 608.210.7116

Program design and delivery

We create more effective energy efficiency programs through deep technology expertise, innovative educational strategies, and an understanding of human dynamics.

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Please contact:

Claire Cowan
Director of Program Design and Delivery
email | 608.210.7117


We inspire and educate by engaging learners in a vibrant training experience that integrates realistic case studies, hands-on problem solving and learning activities with expert presentations, thought provoking discussions and high quality visuals.

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Please contact:

John Viner, LEED AP Homes, BPI-BA
Senior Project Manager
email | 608.210.7146

Policy analysis

We recommend regulatory policy changes to create a more economically sustainable future and examine utility business models in an age of changing technologies.

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Please contact:

Steve Kihm, CFA
Principal and Chief Economist
email | 608.210.7131
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