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Farm Digester Progress in Wisconsin (part 2 of 2, BioCycle, December 2008)

2008 | This article by Joe Kramer and Larry Krom provides details on ten dairy digesters in the state, as described in the Wisconsin Agricultural Biogas Casebook. MORE


Is Climate Change a Good Thing? Opportunities and Barriers to Using Climate Change to Motivate Efficiency

2008 | Public attitudes about climate change have implications for advocates of energy efficiency and climate-friendly actions. The Energy Center examined what current attitudes about climate change mean for the use of climate messages to motivate energy efficiency and for public education on the... MORE


Woody Biomass Resource Assessment for Presque Isle Power Plant: Final Report

2008 | The purpose of this study is to evaluate the potential supply of biomass suitable for use as fuel at the We Energies Presque Isle Power Plant. This study is part of a preliminary investigation into the possibility of converting the No. 4 boiler at Presque Isle from coal to wood fuel. (Joe... MORE


Communiques from the 2007 Midwest Energy Survey

2008 | Communiques from the 2007 Midwest Energy Survey. MORE


Assessment of Biomass Resources for Energy Generation at Xcel Energy's Bay Front Generating Station in Ashland, Wisconsin

2007 | The purpose of this study is to identify potential sources of wood waste suitable for combustion at the Bay Front generating plant in Ashland, Wisconsin. Bay Front is a steam electric generating plant owned and operated by Northern States Power Company, a Wisconsin corporation and wholly-... MORE


Indiana DSM investigation: report on current programs and future directions (phase I)

2007 | The Energy Center of Wisconsin is supporting the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission's ongoing investigation into electric demand-side management (DSM) activities in the state (Cause 42693). During Phase I of the proceeding, completed in mid-2008, the Energy Center prepared a report... MORE


Organizational Background and Integrated Energy Communities

2007 | At a forum at Northland College, Joe Kramer discussed the idea of integrated energy communities. (Thursday, November 1, 2007, Ashland, WI) MORE


Integrated Energy Communities: Making a Plan

2007 | At a forum at Northland College, Ingrid Kelley discussed the idea of integrated energy communities. (Thursday, November 1, 2007, Ashland, WI) MORE

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ENERGY STAR Lighting in Two Historic Madison Buildings

2006 | Standard, incandescent light bulbs are common in many areas of the UW-Madison Memorial Union and the State Capitol. In 2003, the Wisconsin Division of Energy received a grant to install ENERGY STAR compact fluorescent bulbs in socket-based fixtures in selected areas of these buildings. MORE


HVAC best practices for new multifamily buildings

2006 | Article written by Abby Vogen Horn. Posted with permission from Wisconsin Perspective magazine, the primary source of information for the plumbing, heating, and cooling channel across the state of Wisconsin. MORE