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Energy Savings Opportunities with Home Electronics and Other Plug-Load Devices: Results from a Minnesota Field Study

2010 | This ACEEE paper presents the results of a comprehensive study of residential plug-in devices in Minnesota. The greatest plug load opportunity—and the easiest to implement—lies in enabling computer power management on existing desktop computers. (Authors: Scott Pigg, Ingo Bensch,... MORE


Integrating Technical Education and Training into Energy Efficiency Program Delivery: A Strategy to Drive Program Participation and Create Short Term Impact and Long Term Market Effects

2010 | Education and training is essential in transforming the market to use energy efficient technologies and practices. While incentives can motivate and marketing can raise awareness, training bridges the gap between theory and practice. ComEd has developed an integrated approach to support... MORE


Reflection of Ourselves...How Households Interact with In-Home Feedback Devices: Results from a Treatment/Control Experiment

2010 | This ACEEE paper presents the results of an assessment of the electricity savings from such a device (BlueLine Innovation's PowerCost Monitor (PCM)), and shows that savings are dependent upon individual household behavior. (Authors: Andy Mendyk, Steve Kihm, and Scott Pigg) MORE


Evaluation of the Market Impact of the ASHRAE Advanced Energy Design Guides

2010 | This analysis, conducted on behalf of ASHRAE, focuses on the guides for small office buildings, small retail buildings, K-12 schools, and small warehouse/self storage facilities. Also see the presentation of final results. MORE


Focus on Energy: PowerCost Monitor Study

2010 | If consumers are given immediate feedback on their electricity consumption, will they make changes that reduce their consumption? That was the primary question the Energy Center of Wisconsin sought to answer for Focus on Energy through a study of the PowerCost Monitor™ feedback device. MORE


Electricity Savings Opportunities for Home Electronics and Other Plug-In Devices in Minnesota Homes: A Technical and Behavioral Field Assessment

2010 | This report summarizes an investigation of electricity savings opportunities in Minnesota homes related to home electronics and other plug-in devices. Datasets Three datasets from this research are also available for public use. Energy researchers are most likely to find these data of... MORE


A Review and Analysis of Existing Studies of the Energy Efficiency Resource Potential in the Midwest

2009 | A Policy White Paper in Support of the Midwestern Governors Association Energy and Climate Change Platform. Have recent studies of energy efficiency potential in the Midwest underestimated our efficiency resource? This paper reviews the results from energy efficiency potential studies... MORE


Habits, Adjustments, or Acquisitions: What Behaviors Will Minnesotans Change to Stay Above Average?

2009 | At the Behavior, Energy and Climate Change Conference (November 2009), Scott Pigg and Ingo Bensch presented preliminary findings from a field study that points to untapped opportunities for residential energy savings. MORE


Energy efficiency and demand response potential for Iowa Municipal Utilities for the years 2012 and 2018

2009 | By 2012 Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities members could save 58.5 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electric energy per year, reduce peak electric demand by 14.5 megawatts (MW), and save 869,000 therms of natural gas/propane per year through cost-effective energy efficiency initiatives. These... MORE


Ten-year update: emissions and economic analysis of geothermal heat pumps in Wisconsin

2009 | This analysis determines the cost-effectiveness and environmental impact of geothermal heat pump systems. We used building models to compare geothermal systems with conventional systems in otherwise identical buildings. This study is an update of the study completed in 2000: Emissions and... MORE