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Uncertainty, real options, and industrial energy efficiency decisions (paper and presentation)

2009 | The Energy Center's Research Director Steven Kihm presented a paper on the use of real options in industrial energy efficiency decision-making at the 2009 ACEEE summer study on energy efficiency in industry conference in Niagra Falls, New York. The paper was co-authored by Claire Cowan. MORE


Energy Efficiency Guidebook for Public Power Communities

2009 | The Energy Efficiency Guidebook is a comprehensive resource for community-owned electric and gas utilities. Funded by the Energy Foundation, the guidebook serves as a roadmap for energy efficiency program planning and provides step-by-step recommendations for program design, implementation,... MORE


Indiana electric DSM investigation: phase II report

2009 | The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission completed a three-year investigation into electric demand-side management with an order requiring its electric utilities to create energy efficiency programs that will achieve annual energy savings that equal 2 percent of retail electric sales within... MORE


A Review and Analysis of Existing Studies of the Energy Efficiency Resource Potential in the Midwest

2009 | A Policy White Paper in Support of the Midwestern Governors Association Energy and Climate Change Platform. Have recent studies of energy efficiency potential in the Midwest underestimated our efficiency resource? This paper reviews the results from energy efficiency potential studies... MORE


Farm Digester Progress in Wisconsin (part 1 of 2, BioCycle, November 2008)

2008 | This article by Joe Kramer and Larry Krom describes the Wisconsin Agricultural Biogas Casebook. MORE


Least-Cost Paths to Energy Independence at a Midwestern University

2008 | This paper identifies and analyzes several approaches and combinations of technologies to determine the best path for achieving energy independence at a Midwestern college. MORE


Central Air Conditioning in Wisconsin: A Compilation of Recent Field Research

2008 | Central air conditioning is an important and fast-growing electrical load among Wisconsin households. This report compiles key findings from several recent research efforts to better understand the nature of central air conditioning electricity use in Wisconsin and explore the opportunities... MORE


Campus Energy Independence: University of Wisconsin River Falls

2008 | In 2006, UW-River Falls was selected as one of four Wisconsin college campuses to participate in a pilot program to achieve energy independence by 2012. The Energy Center identified and analyzed the options for UW-River Falls to achieve this goal. About the study A university campus... MORE


Farm Digester Progress in Wisconsin (part 2 of 2, BioCycle, December 2008)

2008 | This article by Joe Kramer and Larry Krom provides details on ten dairy digesters in the state, as described in the Wisconsin Agricultural Biogas Casebook. MORE


Behavior Change for the Climate: Is the Public Thinking What We’re Thinking?

2008 | Presented by Ingo Bensch at the Behavior, Energy & Climate Change Conference, Sacramento, California, November 19, 2008. MORE