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Qualitative Assessment of Public Opinion on Restructuring of the Electric Utility Industry in Wisconsin

1995 | A study of public opinion on electric utility services and restructuring of the electric utility industry in Wisconsin. The study was based on focus group research and involved 156 residential, commercial, and industrial participants from rural areas, small towns, and urban areas. MORE


Potential for Reducing Peak Demand with Energy Management Control Systems

1995 | Although some EMCSs in Wisconsin are used to reduce peak electric use, a large untapped potential may exist. In this study, we estimated the size of this potential and examined ways for utilities to use EMCSs in demand-side management programs. MORE


Wisconsin's Statewide Technical and Economic Potential

1994 | Reports on a study to estimate potential savings from energy efficiency measures in Wisconsin over a 20 year period. The results show estimated energy and demand savings for fuel switching, conservation, and load management in the agricultural, commercial, industrial, and residential sectors... MORE


Commercial Cooling and Lighting Load Management: A Scoping Study

1994 | Identifies and evaluates load management strategies and technologies for electric cooling and lighting in six commercial settings: grocery stores, health facilities, offices, retail buildings, schools, and warehouses. MORE


Energy Efficient Motors and Adjustable Speed Drives Markets in Wisconsin

1994 | This report examines the market for energy efficient motors and adjustable speed drives, identifies barriers to promoting these technologies, and makes recommendations for program design. MORE