Published: 2009

The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission completed a three-year investigation into electric demand-side management with an order requiring its electric utilities to create energy efficiency programs that will achieve annual energy savings that equal 2 percent of retail electric sales within 10 years. The order also establishes interim energy savings goals for years one through nine.

A news release (pdf) is also available.

During Phase I of the proceeding, completed in mid-2008, the Energy Center prepared a report assessing the status of current demand-side management activities in the state. During Phase II of the proceeding, the Energy Center facilitated three technical workshops to obtain input from Indiana utilities, consumer advocates, and other stakeholders. The Energy Center synthesized findings from this stakeholder process in a report with recommendations for promoting a more consistent, statewide approach to electric DSM in Indiana.

The IURC's order is based on a review of the recommendations in the Energy Center's report and testimony filed by parties to the proceeding. The order establishes a path for improving existing DSM approaches in Indiana through the following mechanisms:

  • Establishing annual energy savings goals for Indiana utilities, with increasing levels of savings required through 2019.
  • Requiring that DSM offerings be available for all customer classes and market segments.
  • Defining a set of core programs that must be jointly offered by all utilities on a consistent statewide basis, including incentives for ENERGY STAR qualified lighting, low income weatherization assistance, home energy audits, energy efficiency initiatives for K-12 schools, and prescriptive rebates for common energy efficiency technologies in commercial and industrial applications.
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