Published: 2007

The Energy Center of Wisconsin is supporting the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission's ongoing investigation into electric demand-side management (DSM) activities in the state (Cause 42693). During Phase I of the proceeding, completed in mid-2008, the Energy Center prepared a report assessing the status of current DSM activities in the state. The objective of Phase II, currently ongoing, is to develop a path for improving existing DSM approaches in Indiana. As part of this effort, the Energy Center facilitated three technical workshops to obtain input from Indiana utilities, consumer advocates, and other stakeholders.

Following the third workshop, the Energy Center synthesized the technical workshop findings into a final report. These findings support the following actions:

  • Establishing a set of overarching policy objectives to shape the direction of electric DSM initiatives in Indiana.
  • Ensuring that DSM offerings are available to all customer classes and market segments.
  • Establishing utility-specific DSM goals, as well as a clear process and consistent guidelines for how such goals should be determined, and how progress toward goals should be measured.

Parties in the proceeding will file testimony and rebuttals in the summer of 2009. The Commission is expected to issue its Order later in the year.

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