"We create more effective energy efficiency programs through deep technology expertise, innovative educational strategies, and an understanding of human dynamics."

Claire Cowan, Director of Program Design and Delivery

Sustainability at your service

People are at the center of energy issues. So, when it comes to energy efficiency in multifamily buildings, we believe a tenant-focused engagement strategy has legs. That’s why we’re bridging the gap between building design and occupancy through an ecoconcierge behavior-based pilot program at Xavier, a sustainable multifamily building in an emerging Chicago neighborhood. Learn more.

Studying patterns of high energy use

We fielded a study in Minnesota to develop empirically-based program approaches for utilities to better serve residential customers with comparatively high electricity and natural gas use. We used billing analysis to identify high users and then conducted interviews with study participants to determine why energy use is high and what might motivate the household to act on energy-saving opportunities. Watch our video series and download the final report.

Performance-based procurement

Re-envision the procurement process—we piloted an innovative performance-based procurement process in Minnesota that shifts the focus of owners and design teams from modeled energy goals to operational energy performance. This project was made possible with funding from Minnesota Department of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources

Accelerate Performance—initiative funded by U.S. DOE that empowers owners and developers to achieve desired energy performance goals

Commercial new construction programs

Our approach to new construction program design and delivery develops the capacity of market providers to increase savings on successive projects, driving down program costs over time while program savings increase. We combine engineering and behavioral interventions with training and mentoring services to change how market actors design and operate buildings.

ComEd and Nicor Gas Business New Construction Service
The service provides a combination of education, financial incentives and technical assistance to building owners and design teams to exceed the energy efficiency standards set by Illinois building codes. Our quick-start program implementation strategy gained us a 50% share of the new construction market within 24 months of launching the program in the region. The program earned the 2014 Inspiring Efficiency Impact Award from the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance. For details, visit the New Construction Service website.

WPPI Energy advanced technical assistance for new construction
WPPI Energy is a regional municipal power group with members in 51 small communities in the upper Midwest. We are providing technical assistance for new construction projects to complement incentives and services offered by Focus on Energy, Wisconsin’s statewide energy efficiency program.