Papers and presentations

Is it getting hot in here? How climate change will impact energy efficiency choices
2016 | ACEEE 2016 paper by Scott Schuetter, Saranya Gunasingh and Doug Ahl. VIEW
Advancing the last frontier: reduction of commercial plug loads
2016 | ACEEE 2016 paper by Scott Hackel, et al. VIEW
Codes don't always get enforced, but contracts do: changing the procurement paradigm to drive building energy performance
2016 | ACEEE 2016 paper by Adam McMillen, et al. VIEW
Considering risk and investor value in energy efficiency business models
2016 | ACEEE 2016 paper by Steve Kihm, et al. VIEW
Verified! How performance-based procurement can boost new construction program savings, streamline evaluation, and empower building owners
2016 | ACEEE 2016 paper by Sandra Henry, Claire Cowan, et al. VIEW
When above average is not good enough: results from a study of high-energy-using homes in Minnesota
2015 | Article by Jeannette LeZaks and Ingo Bensch, Home Energy Magazine, Nov/Dec 2015. VIEW
Application of air source variable refrigerant flow in cold climates: a white paper
2015 | This white paper outlines the optimal control strategies for designing and operating air source VRF systems in cold climates. VIEW
Does disruptive competition mean a death spiral for electric utilities?
2014 | By Elisabeth Graffy and Steven Kihm, Energy Law Journal, May 2014. Also download the article summary. VIEW
Designing a new utility business model? Better understand the traditional one first
2014 | By Steve Kihm, Energy Center of Wisconsin; Jim Barrett and Casey J. Bell, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (from ACEEE Summer Study proceedings, 2014) ABSTRACT There appears to be a consensus among energy efficiency advocates that traditional utility regulation rewards sales... VIEW
Promoting quality installation of central AC and heat pump systems
2014 | This presentation explored quality installation and maintenance practices for residential central air conditioning and air source heat pump systems in Minnesota. It covers key technical aspects of ensuring optimal system performance from new and existing systems, and surveys the landscape of... VIEW