What’s your communication style? It could make or break you.


What’s your communication style? It could make or break you.

January 9, 2017 | by Dave Molenda, Positive Polarity, LLC


Approximately 85 percent of our success is NOT due to our education, commitment or ambition. It’s due to our ability to effectively communicate.

I recently spoke with a large group of leaders on the topic of communication. At the beginning of our discussion, I warned them that what they were about to hear was not rocket science. In fact, most of them already knew everything I was about say. A sense of confusion filled the room. I asked for patience until we got into the material and was granted it. I started talking. Within five minutes, I watched their confusion turn to guilt as the group realized I was highlighting some foundational communication truths that they were not doing consistently.

Are you guilty of:

  • Interrupting others?
  • Forming an opinion before all the facts have been gathered?
  • Communicating your agenda before finding out the agenda of the person you’re talking with?
  • Trying to convince others to do something rather than having them come to their own conclusions?
  • Being negative?
  • Repeatedly catching people when they are doing something wrong versus rewarding them with they are doing something right?

I believe we are naturally built with the need to interrupt. I also believe we form opinions very early during discussions, struggle to be positive, prefer to highlight others’ wrongdoings and are pretty well married to our own way of doing things. So, if that is how we’re naturally wired, it takes conscious work to become a good communicator. Come to my session at the conference to explore ten things you can put into practice right away to improve your communications skills.


If you think that you have mastered the art of communication, I’ve got a request for you. Find someone you can trust and ask them to complete this sentence for you: My biggest struggle when communicating is ________. The answer to this question will help you more than you can ever imagine.