WEBINAR: New pricing proposals: protecting investors or the public interest

Hosted by UW-Extension. Watch the archived presentation.

Increasing numbers of customers generate some of their own power, causing net revenue loses for utilities. Regulators are being asked to approve substantially revised utility pricing structures to stem those losses. These changes would noticeably increase bills for customers who use less than average amounts of power and substantially lower bills for high users. Learn how impending electric rate restructuring cases could affect you and hear about potential impacts on energy jobs in Wisconsin and the energy marketplace across the country. A distinguished panel of experts presents both sides of the debate.

Speakers include Ashley Brown, Harvard Electricity Policy Group • Bert Garvin, Wisconsin Energy Corporation • Tyler Huebner, RENEW Wisconsin • Steve Kihm, Energy Center of Wisconsin • Brad Klein, Environmental Law & Policy Center • Chuck McGinnis, Johnson Controls.

PAPER: Do you understand the current utility business model?

Making prudent plant investment increases utility profits, but it doesn't always benefit investors. In a recent paper the Energy Center's Steve Kihm, along with Jim Barrett and Casey Bell of the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy demonstrate that financial incentives under traditional regulation are dynamic. Learn more.