Published: 2011

Since 1995, the Energy Center has tracked appliance purchasing patterns in Wisconsin, publishing results every two years. Since 1997, Focus on Energy has contracted with the Energy Center to collect quarterly shipment information on residential forced air furnaces, air conditioners and boilers. The purpose of FACTS is to provide timely data regarding the market share of efficient home heating and cooling equipment in Wisconsin.

Data collected through FACTS is instrumental in understanding state-wide trends in the sales of high efficiency residential heating and cooling equipment. We currently estimate that the data provided by our partners represents between 65 and 75 percent of the residential heating and cooling market in Wisconsin.

The Energy Center gathers and then analyzes quarterly data given to us by participating residential HVAC equipment distributors across the state. In return for their quarterly data, we provide distributors county-level reports quantifying their share of the home heating and cooling market relative to the other participants.

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