Sonic Foundry announces finalists for 2010 Rich Media Impact Awards

Apr 04, 2010 — The Energy Center has been selected as a finalist in the Global Reach category of Sonic Foundry's Rich Media Impact Awards. The Global Reach award recognizes successful use of webcasting to connect the international community. Winners will be announced on April 14, 2010. MORE

Alliant Energy's Town and Country Report

Mar 26, 2010 — Annemarie Newman discussed recent Energy Center research in this two-part radio interview with WTDY's Pam Jahnke. MORE

Energy loan programs in state help spread out costs

Mar 19, 2010 — The Energy Center's energy efficiency potential study is highlighted in this article by Tom Content of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. MORE

Planning for energy independence: results from 10 Wisconsin communities

Mar 07, 2010 — Ten Wisconsin communities have completed plans for meeting 25 percent of their energy usage from renewable sources by 2025. The results of their baseline energy consumption assessments and 2025 plans are available in a report from the Energy Center of Wisconsin. MORE

Wisconsin: a land flowing with milk and energy

Feb 28, 2010 — This article by Joe Kramer is featured on DairyDoingMore, a website of the Milk Marketing Board. MORE

Teaching green building

Feb 28, 2010 — Kathryn Schiedermayer has been appointed to serve on the United States Green Building Council's Education Events Committee (EEC). This committee oversees the development of USGBC educational opportunities including events, conferences, forums and summits promoting the adoption of green design,... MORE

Four-billion dollar residential retrofit market in Wisconsin (audio file)

Feb 23, 2010 — Marge Anderson and John Viner spoke with Larry Meiller on Wisconsin Public Radio about the growing market for retrofitting homes to be energy efficient and plugged the Better Buildings: Better Business Conference. MORE