Market assessment

We balance some of the most advanced expertise in the country with hands-on field experience, customer insights, and rigorous economic filters to create forward-looking solutions and identify the market potential for a range of programs and technologies in all customer sectors.

Minnesota’s small commercial sector

Seventhwave studied this hard-to-reach market, focusing especially on more comprehensive opportunities that go beyond lighting retrofit. We found that this sector is dispersed and diverse, but there are holistic savings opportunities if utilities can target their efforts at appropriately fruitful customers, end uses, and building types. We identified a number of promising program strategies for targeting both customer types and energy use types. Learn more.

Manufactured homes study

We conducted a large-scale field study of Minnesota’s manufactured homes to identify energy savings potential and help inform energy efficiency programs that will save residents money. Learn more.

Characterizing energy use in the multifamily sector

multifamily buildingWe characterized energy use in Minnesota’s multifamily sector and identified untapped energy efficiency opportunities. We also explored energy-related behaviors and attitudes of multifamily building owners and tenants. Our research team sampled 120 buildings across the state; gathered information from building owners and tenants through on-line and mail surveys; and evaluated the payback period of 25 common energy and water savings measures in multifamily housing. Download the full report.

We also characterized Wisconsin’s rental sector based on a statewide sample of 180 rental properties, ranging from single-family rental homes to large apartment buildings. The study provided a statistically representative picture of building characteristics, appliances and equipment; benchmarked energy usage; assessed energy efficiency opportunities; and explored linkages between energy efficiency opportunities and knowledge, attitudes and behavior on the part of building tenants, owners and managers. Download the full report and appendices.

Barriers to use of anaerobic digestion on swine farms

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We conducted a study to examine the factors behind slow adoption of anaerobic digestion systems on swine growing operations in key U.S. states. Researchers interviewed industry experts, academic researchers, system designers and vendors to uncover economic, technical, practice and knowledge barriers. The final report makes recommendations for next steps to remove barriers and increase the amount of swine manure getting treatment.

Download the report.

Energy efficiency potential studies

We have substantial experience in developing energy efficiency potential studies. The approach generally includes estimating technical, economic and achievable potential for efficiency savings in both natural gas and electricity markets. We apply a transparent modeling approach that allows for straightforward sensitivity analysis of the impacts of changes to key parameters and also includes analysis of behavior-based potential to reduce energy waste.

Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas potential studies. In 2012/2013 we identified natural gas efficiency potential for all customer sectors in the Chicago area. Customer account data was used to draw our sample and we conducted interviews and site visits to assess current use and identify savings opportunities and potential.

Energy efficiency and demand response potential for Iowa municipal utilities. For the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities, we conducted an empirical assessment of energy efficiency and demand response potential. We evaluated more than 500 unique energy efficiency and demand response measures across the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

Wisconsin energy efficiency and renewable energy potential studies. We investigated the achievable potential for energy efficiency and renewable energy which led to the approval of increases in the level of public benefits funds committed to energy efficiency and customer-sited renewable energy in 2006 and in 2010.

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