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Commercial plug load study

Reducing office plug load

Together, computer power management and advanced power strips have the potential to save over 100 million kWh annually in Minnesota alone. MORE >
Commercial RTU study

Profiling rooftop units

In Minnesota, RTUs heat, cool and ventilate 730 million square feet of commercial building space, and half of the RTUs sold annually are high performance. MORE >
Manufactured homes study

Studying manufactured homes

Minnesota's 80,000 manufactured homes could achieve energy savings of $38.4 million annually—enough money to feed more than 3,000 Minnesota families for a year. MORE >

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Performance-based procurement

Our Accelerate Performance program boosts energy and demand savings for new construction projects to assist utilities in meeting goals. Utilities gain increased, cost-effective savings per project, broader participation, and a future growth strategy that supports their program portfolio. MORE >

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task tuning

"Task tuning" in commercial buildings

Dimming lights to appropriate levels saves energy without sacrificing comfort. Minnesota businesses could save 5,023 megawatt-hours and 4,843 tons of carbon dioxide per year. MORE >
Variable refrigerant flow

Optimizing VRF

Air-source variable refrigerant flow systems have difficulty meeting heating loads in cold climates. To compensate, they are either oversized or use supplemental heat, increasing cost. Water source VRF systems do not have these issues, making them more practical and effective in cold climates. MORE >

Reducing excess ventilation

Demand control ventilation has the potential to save a substantial portion of building energy use in extreme climates. Annually, Minnesota's DCV systems save $0.35 to $1.14 per cfm of outdoor air. Recommissioning can yield an additional 48% savings. MORE >

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