Recorded Wednesday, August 8, 2018 · Noon–1:30 p.m. Central

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Understanding and managing power quality issues with LED lighting

LED manufacturers continue to develop products to reduce lighting energy and meet new energy efficiency standards. Join us to learn about LED lighting power quality specifications that should be considered before purchasing and installing LED systems. You will understand how to avoid LED lighting pitfalls such as reduced life, higher than expected operating costs and operational problems for other facility equipment. We will also discuss several current voluntary and mandatory government and industry standards that offer guidance and present minimum recommended values to avoid common issues that arise with LED lighting systems. You will also learn strategies to troubleshoot LED lighting issues on your own.

Who should watch?
Electricians, engineers, operators, contractors, facility managers, account managers and representatives, electrical service planners, new construction workers and anyone involved in operating or managing electrical equipment and systems where electrical power quality is a concern.

Webinar outcomes

As a result of this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Describe power quality issues created by LED lighting systems
  • Recognize power quality problems and their solutions associated with LED lighting
  • Identify LED lighting products that meet current industry standards and minimize power quality problems
  • Discuss specific power quality mitigation strategies associated with LED lighting systems

Webinar outline


  • LED lighting systems can be power quality disturbance victims and sources

Typical problematic installations and complaints

  • Wireless sound and communication systems: RFI/EMI issues
  • Reduced power factor: LED power factor varies
  • High driver failure rates: voltage swells, transients and harmonics
  • Distributed generation supply issues: invertors and transfer switch issues

LED power quality mitigation strategies

  • Understand RFI/EMI standards and limits
  • RFI/EMI filtering options
  • Power factor standards, limits and correction options
  • Harmonic distortion standards, limits and distortion correction options
  • Distributed generation invertor and transfer switch types/ratings
  • Voltage swell and transient correction options

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