Recorded Wednesday, January 27, 2010 · 1pm

74 minutes

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U.S. households are plugged in—there are now about 25 consumer electronic products in every household, compared with just three in 1980. A year-long field study in Minnesota sheds new light on the make-up of this growing electrical load and behavioral opportunities to curb the growth.

In this webinar, co-principal investigators Scott Pigg and Ingo Bensch present results from "Plugging into savings," a field research project funded by the Minnesota Office of Energy Security and Minnesota Power Company. Scott and Ingo will share results on:

  • in-home metering data on active-mode and standby power draws and electricity consumption for more than 700 devices in 50 homes;
  • prevalence of opportunities to reduce electricity waste (such as enabling computer power management), with estimated savings;
  • interview results about what consumers are willing (and unwilling) to undertake in the way of in-home savings strategies; and,
  • implications for energy efficiency programs.

Gain insights to help residential energy consumers manage their plugged-in electronics and slay their energy vampires.
Who should watch?

This presentation is designed for executives, regulators, legislators, residential energy efficiency program managers, and advocates and professionals in the energy field.

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