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There's an energy hog lurking in your restaurant. Do you know where he is?
In this video series, Richard Young shares techniques to implement energy efficiency and improve your bottom line.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to restaurant efficiency
  • Efficient cooking
  • Efficient kitchen ventilation
  • Water conservation
  • Efficient refrigeration
  • Efficient lighting

As a result of this video series, you will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of creating a sustainable restaurant
  • Comprehend specific measures that reduces energy use in a restaurant
  • Determine how energy and water use contribute directly to the financial bottom line
  • Review resources that help you in choosing energy efficient products and appliances

Who should watch these videos?

Restaurant owners and operators, facility managers, energy managers, contractors, manufacturers, building owners, engineers and anyone involved in commercial food service.

When it comes to greening the food service industry, much of the focus is on sustainable food options and sourcing. But the truly green restaurant must also pay close attention to energy and water efficiency.

With twenty years of experience and results from hundreds of energy audits, the Food Service Technology Center has developed a collection of no-cost and low-cost energy efficiency best practices that apply to most commercial kitchens.

Content outline

1. Introduction to restaurant efficiency
Understand how a food service operator is like an energy company, why energy efficiency is so important—and what you need to get started.

2. Efficient cooking
In addition to sustainable food, think about your appliances—explore quality, installation and maintenance, usage schedule and plug load.

3. Efficient kitchen ventilation
Who wants a hot, smoky kitchen? Identify three easy ways to improve your ventilation system performance.

4. Water conservation
Learn how to use water efficiently—from fixing leaks, reducing or eliminating dipper wells, to changing how you defrost food.

5. Efficient refrigeration
Tighten up your refrigeration practices with a simple memory trick.

6. Efficient lighting
See where you can replace old-school lighting and eliminate inefficient practices throughout your restaurant.

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