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3 videos (15-25 minutes each)

As a result of this video series, you will be able to:

  • Identify potential cost reduction opportunities from the implementation of energy conservation measures.
  • Discuss real-world examples of energy use and cost reductions in healthcare facilities, as well as return on investment.
  • Explain the key components of a measurement and verification plan.
  • Describe important characteristics of a quality strategic energy master plan.

Who should watch?
Healthcare administrators and executives, facility managers, maintenance professionals, construction managers, building owners, contractors, energy program design and implementation professionals, commercial and industrial building energy advocates, architects, engineers, utility representatives and anyone interested in healthcare facilities.

Energy costs are a substantial portion of a healthcare facility’s operations and maintenance budget. Reducing those costs can feel impossible, but it’s not. In this video series, Bob Cox shows viewers how to make the business case for energy efficiency investments and create strategic energy master plans and energy measurement and verification plans.

Video series

1. Smart energy reduction approaches (15 min)
Bob makes the business case for investing in energy efficiency upgrades in healthcare facilities. Using real-world examples, he describes the challenges of incorporating energy saving measures and the consequences of ignoring them.

2. Developing a strategic energy master plan (25 min)
Bob explains why creating a strategic energy master plan is a savvy business decision. He discusses the plan’s essentials and outlines who should be involved in order to make it a success. In addition, he explains how to analyze energy conservation measures to better determine those worth pursuing.

3. Creating an energy measurement and verification plan (25 min)
Knowing how your facility uses energy is key to understanding where you can save. Bob reviews the components of measurement and verification plan development highlighting the importance of baseline use, data collection and verification.


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