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3 modules totaling 110 minutes

Demystify the LCA process from start to finish with a mix of concept review, software demonstration and self-assessment.

This course explores how Environmental Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) applies within the LEED Rating System, including its potential benefits and the technical challenges in successfully completing an LCA. This is an intermediate level program. Participants should already have a basic understanding of the fundamental principles of LCA.

Course preview:

Comprised of three modules, this course is designed to help participants understand what LCA is; explains the business case for conducting an LCA and how LCAs are produced; and discusses how to interpret the results of an LCA. The second module includes a case study of a product LCA, as necessary for the development of an EPD to contribute to achievement of Materials and Resources Credit Building Product Disclosure and Optimization – Environmental Product Declarations. The third module includes a Whole Building LCA case study, as applicable to Materials and Resources Credit Building Life-Cycle Impact Reduction.

Learning objectives:

  1. Articulate the benefits of Life Cycle Assessments and Environmental Product Declarations
  2. Identify the new LEED v4 credits related to LCA and how to achieve them
  3. Analyze the results of a product LCA
  4. Interpret results of a whole-building LCA and recognize environmental impacts influenced by material selection

Who should take this course?
This course is designed for design professionals, manufacturers, business managers, or anyone else interested in understanding LCA, environmental product declarations (EPDs) and how they apply to the new Materials and Resources category credits in LEED v4.

MODULE 1: Course Introduction and Review (length: 00:18:37)

  • Explain the terminology and the science behind LCAs
  • Articulate how LCAs and EPDs may be beneficial for buildings and businesses
  • Identify the new LEED v4 credits related to LCA
  • Describe the steps to achieve those credits

MODULE 2: Product Case Study (length: 00:31:03)

  • Recognize the software used to conduct LCAs of products
  • Identify what data needs to be collected and how to collect it
  • Choose the right software and path to conduct an LCA
  • Interpret and analyze the results of an LCA

MODULE 3: Case Study: Whole-Building LCA (length: 00:54:06)

  • Specify available software packages and how BIM software can contribute to the process
  • Articulate the type of data and quantity take-offs required for successful completion
  • Describe the role of industry standards and manufacturer data
  • Interpret the results and recognize the environmental impacts influenced by material selection

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