Assessing your impact: evaluating the effectiveness of community energy initiatives

Recorded Wednesday, May 26, 2010 · 1pm

42 minutes

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Learn how to evaluate and measure the success and effectiveness of community energy initiatives.

Communities across the United States are launching initiatives that promote more sustainable use of energy resources. Assessing the impact of its initiatives is elemental to keeping a community informed of its progress toward meeting its goals. By applying a systematic approach to evaluating its initiatives a community helps ensure accountability and transparency in the use of public funds. It can use the results to adjust planning assumptions and strategies to be more reliable and effective. And it can develop compelling stories that tell its citizens how successful they've been in their efforts, building community support.

Join Claire Cowan as she walks you through the basics of evaluating your community's sustainable energy initiative and measuring its impact. She will provide the steps necessary for a community to get started with an evaluation. You'll learn key evaluation terminology and research methodologies, and how to determine which evaluation strategy to use to accomplish specific objectives. If your community is involved in an energy initiative or is considering one, don't miss this complimentary webinar.

This webinar includes:

  • Reasons to evaluate community energy initiatives
  • Getting started with evaluation
  • Evaluation objectives such as accountability, effectiveness, independence, accuracy and efficiency
  • Key types of evaluation
  • Criteria for selecting an evaluation approach
  • Evaluation methodologies including secondary research, focus groups, surveys, interviews and site visits
  • Evaluation pitfalls
  • Principles for ensuring research integrity and objectivity