Recorded Thursday, April 9, 2015 · 1pm

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6 videos (64 total minutes)

This video series introduces the challenges and opportunities of incorporating energy efficiency early in the design of commercial new construction buildings. It addresses the selections of appropriate modeling tools and showcases two real-world examples of effective energy design and the optimization process.

As a result of this video series, you will be able to:

  • Describe why building energy optimization is a key component of quality design.
  • Explain why optimization opportunities are greatest in the early design phase.
  • Discuss the design solutions employed to optimize two new construction buildings.
  • Explain the importance of quality data and analysis in energy modeling.
  • Align the benefits of building energy optimization with building client goals.

Who should watch?
Architects; new construction project managers; building designers and owners; mechanical, building and electrical engineers; general contractors and anyone with basic knowledge, interest, and involvement in the building design process.

Content outline

1. Architectural energy goals (21 min)
Review energy modeling challenges, opportunities to incorporate energy efficiency in the design process, essential performance metrics and effective modeling tools.

2. Case study: Federal Center South, Seattle, WA (9 min)
Examine a real-world example of energy design and the optimization process featuring the Federal Center South building project in Seattle, WA.

3. Case study: 1063 Block Replacement, Olympia, WA (15 min)
Examine a real-world example of energy design and the optimization process featuring the 1063 Block Replacement building project in Olympia, WA.

4. Questions and answers (6 min)
Listen to questions and responses concerning the topics covered in videos 1-3.

5. Data in early design (7 min)
Hear interviews pertaining to energy modeling data needs and challenges in new construction projects.

6. Valuing energy and linking to client drivers (9 min)
Hear interviews about how architects and designers need to couch energy design opportunities within a broader pitch that resonates with the building client’s goals and addresses what they value most.

Special thanks to those who participated in the video interviews: Robert Webber, Michelle Halle Stern, Duane Carter, Jim Crockett, Rand Eckman, Laci Hoskins, Amy Jewel and Sandra Henry.


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