Note: Events before April 2015 refer to our previous name, the Energy Center of Wisconsin.
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ASHE's Health Facility Commissioning® Program November 1, 2017 Madison, WI
Industrial heat recovery: recycle and reuse October 18, 2016 Madison, WI
Advanced RTU control (ARC) strategies January 28, 2014 Madison, WI
Fundamentals of compressed air systems March 25, 2014 Madison, WI
Power quality management and arc flash safety May 17, 2017 Madison, WI
Rooftop units: strategies to reduce utility costs June 7, 2017 Marquette, MI
LED lighting technologies: evaluating performance and financial considerations September 8, 2016 Marquette, MI
Compressed air: identifying, analyzing, and implementing energy reduction opportunities September 29, 2015 Marquette, MI
Energy management information systems May 19, 2016 Middleton, WI
Energy efficient data centers and IT infrastructure October 9, 2014 Middleton, WI
Energy efficient food processing: focus on refrigeration September 21, 2017 Middleton, WI
Understanding power quality disturbances February 11, 2015 Middleton, WI
Commercial and industrial hydronic heating systems September 29, 2016 Middleton, WI
Best lighting retrofit solutions September 17, 2015 Middleton, WI
Optimal chiller plant and ventilation system performance March 27, 2018 Middleton, WI
Contemporary hydronic heating and cooling October 20, 2015 Middleton, WI
Commercial building precision: optimization of existing systems May 21, 2014 Middleton, WI
Introduction to power monitoring and submetering June 6, 2018 Middleton, WI
Rooftop units: strategies to reduce utility costs April 20, 2017 Middleton, WI
Electric vehicles: get on the fuel efficiency fast track July 31, 2018 Miller Park, Milwaukee, WI
Understanding power quality disturbances June 25, 2014 Milwaukee, WI
Fundamentals of compressed air systems September 23, 2014 Milwaukee, WI
The 'V' in HVAC: design and control of ventilation systems March 17, 2015 Milwaukee, WI
Industrial lighting technologies and applications April 30, 2015 Milwaukee, WI
Operating an energy efficient restaurant March 12, 2014 Milwaukee, WI