Simulation-Based Review of the Ubiquitous Window-Head-Height to Daylit Zone Depth Rule-Of-Thumb
In this paper, Reinhart explores the validity of various daylighting rule of thumb (DRT) design methodologies by checking their accuracy against Radiance-based models in Daysim. Specifically, the... VIEW
Lightswitch-2002: a model for manual and automated control of electric lighting and blinds
The IESNA Lighting Handbook indicates that lighting control performance information is not readily available and that it depends on indoor daylight levels, size of space, work schedules, and occupant... VIEW
A Post-Occupancy Monitored Evaluation of the Dimmable Lighting, Automated Shading, and Underfloor Air Distribution System in the New York Times Building
In this report, the authors discuss the major renovation of the New York Times building in Manhattan, New York. The New York Times occupies 19 floors and 628,000 gross square feet of their building.... VIEW