Energy Use Intensity and its Influence on the Integrated Daylighting Design of a Large Net Zero Energy Building
The authors discuss the daylighting design process associated with the Research Support Facility, a 220,000 ft2 office building on the National Renewable Energy Laboratory campus. From the beginning... VIEW
TripleSave - The Investigation and Monitoring of a Combined Natural Daylighting and Stack Ventilation System
In this paper, Oakley et al develop a testing method for measuring the amount of natural daylight and passive ventilation a light pipe introduces into a test chamber. Two light pipes were analyzed,... VIEW
Lighting in Nursing Homes: the Unmet Need
Noell-Waggoner describes the need for improved lighting and more daylighting in nursing homes. Age-related changes to the eye tend to decrease the amount of light that reaches the retinue. This... VIEW
Sidelighting Photocontrols Field Study
The Heschong Mahone Group, supported by Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas and Electric and the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, conducted this study of existing daylight-responsive... VIEW
Solar Zoning and Energy in Detached Residential Dwellings
The amount of solar energy that a building receives in a year greatly affects its energy usage. In densely developed areas, a building can shade its neighbors, thereby impacting their energy usage... VIEW
Reviews of Technical Reports on Daylight and Productivity
In October 2003, the California Energy Commission released three reports prepared by the Heschong-Mahone Group under the Public Interest Energy Research program. These reports describe... VIEW