Lighting Controls in Commercial Buildings
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Windows and Offices: A Study of Office Worker Performance and the Indoor Environment
The Heschong Mahone Group, supported by the California Energy Commission, conducted two field studies to determine the impact of the daylight and windows on office worker productivity. Both studies... VIEW
Lighting Research Center Research Areas: Daylighting
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Field Performance of Daylight-Linked Lighting Controls
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On the Use of Integrated Daylighting and Energy Simulations to Drive the Design of a Large Net-Zero Energy Office Building
Daylight modeling and energy modeling have evolved on similar, but parallel, paths. Both are powerful tools that have yet to be married in a seamless way. This paper is a case study of the impact... VIEW
What's Wrong with Daylighting? Where It Goes Wrong and How Users Respond to Failure
The authors summarize eight cases studies of various projects that employed daylighting controls. Each project encountered issues and the authors analyze the failure mechanism and how the users... VIEW