Multi-Objective Facade Optimization for Daylighting Design Using a Genetic Algorithm


Jaime Gagne and Marilyne Anderson. Fourth National Conference of IBPSA - USA, 2010, pp. 110-117

Review by Scott Schuetter, Energy Center of Wisconsin: 

Genetric algorithms are a powerful method for determining the optimal set of inputs in order to achieve a desired result. In this paper, Gagne and Anderson develop a genetic algorithm for determining the set of facade parameters (window-to-wall ratio, glazing transmissivity, overhang depth, among others) that, for a given massing model, maximizes the space's illuminance within a specified range, while minimizing the space's glare potential. Their approach uses the Lightsolve Viewer coupled with an approximation of the Daylighting Glare Probability. The approach was applied to multiple spaces and validated against a known test case.