Integrating Advanced Daylight Analysis into Building Energy Analysis


John An and Sam Mason. Fourth National Conference of IBPSA - USA, 2010, pp. 310-320

Review by Scott Schuetter, Energy Center of Wisconsin: 

DOE-2.2's daylight control modeling methodology has been shown to be inaccurate. An and Mason developed a methodology to more accurately predict the lighting savings from implementing daylight controls by adjusting the DOE-2.2 lighting schedules with results from a DAYSIM analysis. Their methodology was compared to DOE-2.2's daylight modeling methodology for 1 east facing office and 1 west facing office/conference room in a campus administration building. Their methodology showed a 21% and 32% increase, respectively, over lighting energy savings in the spaces. A glare evaluation was also performed in Evalglare. However, the analysis showed that glare was not an issue in the spaces.