The silver lining in climate survey results

Wednesday, December 16, 2009 · available on-demand

50 minutes

Customers are the key to effective energy efficiency programs, carbon mitigation strategies, and public dialogue on a clean energy economy. In this independent research on public opinion from Wisconsin, nine Midwestern states and the U.S., the Energy Center links concern about energy and climate change with opportunities for improving program design and increasing energy savings.

In this webinar, Ingo Bensch presents the 2009 results from the Midwest Energy Survey. Analysis of the results reveals:

  • gaps between efficiency opportunities, perceptions, and practices, highlighting the need for better energy education
  • a snapshot of policy approaches to addressing carbon pollution that are more likely to hold public support
  • a trend line of how attitudes and concerns about climate, the environment and energy efficiency fare over time relative to other public concerns
  • the level of reliance customers have on their utilities for help with saving energy.

The Midwest Energy Survey is a tracking instrument that began measuring public attitudes, awareness and practices on energy efficiency and climate in 2007.

Who should watch?

This presentation is designed for executives, regulators, legislators, energy efficiency program managers, advocates and professionals in the energy field, and offers an independent perspective on the public's attitudes, practices, and awareness of climate change and energy efficiency.