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Swine farms could hog more of the biogas market
02.01.13 | There is significant potential for biogas production in the United States. A recent report by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's AgSTAR program estimates that there are nearly 5,600 swine farms that could incorporate anaerobic digestion... MORE


Woody Biomass Resource Assessment for Presque Isle Power Plant: Final Report
09.20.12 | The purpose of this study is to evaluate the potential supply of biomass suitable for use as fuel at the We Energies Presque Isle Power Plant. This study is part of a preliminary investigation into the possibility of converting the No. 4 boiler at... MORE
Farm Digester Progress in Wisconsin (part 2 of 2, BioCycle, December 2008)
09.20.12 | This article by Joe Kramer and Larry Krom provides details on ten dairy digesters in the state, as described in the Wisconsin Agricultural Biogas Casebook. MORE
Farm Digester Progress in Wisconsin (part 1 of 2, BioCycle, November 2008)
09.20.12 | This article by Joe Kramer and Larry Krom describes the Wisconsin Agricultural Biogas Casebook. MORE
Assessment of Biomass Resources for Energy Generation at Xcel Energy's Bay Front Generating Station in Ashland, Wisconsin
09.20.12 | The purpose of this study is to identify potential sources of wood waste suitable for combustion at the Bay Front generating plant in Ashland, Wisconsin. Bay Front is a steam electric generating plant owned and operated by Northern States Power... MORE
Wisconsin's Biobased Industry: Opportunities and Advantages Study
09.20.12 | Across the globe, countries and regions are looking to the "bioeconomy" as the economic development wave of the future. The bioeconomy—an economy based on industries and technologies that turn organic matter ("feedstocks" or "biomass") into energy,... MORE
Agricultural Biogas Casebooks
09.20.12 | Great Lakes Region Food Industry Biogas Casebook (2011): This study reviews 12 facilities to analyze how their systems are functioning and to give some background on how anaerobic digestion is working for them. Companies profiled in this casebook... MORE
Roadmap for Biomass Technologies in the United States
09.20.12 | The purpose of this document is to outline a research and development roadmap and identify public policy measures for promoting and developing environmentally desirable biobased fuels, power and products. This roadmap was created through a... MORE
Tinedale Farms Anaerobic Digestion: A Biomass Energy Project
09.20.12 | This report describes the installation and operation of a manure digestion system at Tinedale Farms in Wrightstown, Wisconsin. The report describes the system, its performance, and economic and environmental impacts. MORE