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Could air sealing degrade indoor air quality?
03.13.17 | The spring 2017 issue of Home Energy Magazine features an article by researchers Scott Pigg and Dan Cautley of Seventhwave along with Paul Francisco from the University of Illinois' Building Research Council. The authors discuss their research... MORE
High energy user study featured in Home Energy Magazine
11.24.15 | The November/December 2015 issue features an article by Jeannette LeZaks and Ingo Bensch on our groundbreaking field study of 100 high-consumption homes in Minnesota. Also view our webinar on-demand to learn about possible causes and the technical... MORE
Better Homes Expo teaches ways to make houses more durable
02.15.14 | Article from WXOW. MORE
Trend watch: Residential building market yields bigger crop
02.01.13 | National data sources show housing starts and completions were up in 2012 compared to 2011: Housing starts across the U.S. improved in 2012 compared to 2011 with the Midwest up more than 27%. (Source: U.S. Census Bureau) Completions in 2012 were... MORE


Energy efficiency opportunities for homes with high usage: market characterization and customer engagement strategies
07.21.16 | We conducted an in-depth study of 100 high energy consumption homes in Minnesota. The goal was to help conservation program managers better understand the factors contributing to high usage, quantify the energy savings potential associated with... MORE
When above average is not good enough: results from a study of high-energy-using homes in Minnesota
12.12.16 | Article by Jeannette LeZaks and Ingo Bensch, Home Energy Magazine, Nov/Dec 2015. MORE
Promoting quality installation of central AC and heat pump systems
06.03.14 | This presentation explored quality installation and maintenance practices for residential central air conditioning and air source heat pump systems in Minnesota. It covers key technical aspects of ensuring optimal system performance from new and... MORE
Energy use by residential gas water heaters: a technical field study in 10 Wisconsin homes
09.20.12 | As part of a larger national project investigating the performance of residential gas-fired water heaters, the Energy Center of Wisconsin has monitored and evaluated performance of several types of water heaters in 10 southern Wisconsin homes. MORE


Scouting for residential electricity savings (project overview)
12.19.13 | Seventhwave (formerly the Energy Center of Wisconsin), with the funding support of the Minnesota Office of Energy Security and Minnesota Power Company, directed a timely consumer electronics field study on behaviors and usage patterns of homes... MORE


Next step in thermography
03.08.18 | As a result of this webinar, you will be able to: Discuss differences between residential and commercial building thermography. Explain the components of a commercial building electrical and mechanical system that are often scanned with an infrared... MORE
Ducted mini splits applications and performance
03.02.18 | This session explores both ductless and ducted mini splits, with a focus on the latter. Performance and operation for cooling and heating is discussed, with a focus on cold climate heat pump operation. Case studies on basic installations for older... MORE
Advancements in window and wall technology
03.01.18 | Windows are one of the most important features of a building envelope, allowing us to maintain a connection with the outdoors while we remain comfortable and safe indoors. The window industry has been challenged to deliver see-through products that... MORE
Waterproofing existing basements from the inside
03.01.18 | For years, the question of waterproofing from the inside has dogged Peter. He kept hearing about all sorts of coatings that could “negative-side” waterproof, but didn’t know how to compare the anecdotes to building science. In this session, Peter... MORE
High performance wall assembly and details
10.04.17 | As a result of this webinar, you will be able to: Describe the role and placement of each control layer in a wall assembly. Discuss wall assembly methods, as well as attachment to the home and of individual parts. Explain wall assembly ventilation... MORE
Radon control options for new home construction
08.02.17 | As a result of this course, participants will be able to: Articulate why effective radon control in new homes is important. Differentiate between the two types of radon control systems (passive and active). Identify the critical components of radon... MORE
Modern framing techniques that work
10.31.16 | As a result of this webinar, you will be able to: Discuss advanced framing techniques. Explain how to increase energy efficiency with advanced framing systems without sacrificing strength. Describe how advanced framing systems can be used in... MORE
Move existing manufactured homes toward efficiency
09.13.16 | The manufactured home market offers an affordable housing option—and sometimes the only option—for many would-be homeowners. Residents of manufactured homes (also known as mobile homes) are more likely to be low-income than residents of other... MORE
Better homes video series
01.21.16 | Learn how to add value to one of the largest purchases of your life, your home, through energy upgrades that also enhance comfort. In addition, take a look at various green certifications and how they provide a roadmap toward the pursuit of a... MORE
Evolving Wisconsin’s home construction practices: with or without code
10.14.15 | As a result of this webinar, you will be able to: Determine which building practices raise performance while reducing the cost of maintenance and operation. Outline the pros and cons of going beyond Wisconsin's minimum code requirements. Discuss... MORE
Residential high energy users: causes and opportunities
12.04.14 | High energy users in single-family homes present the greatest opportunities for energy and cost savings, yet relatively little is known about what is happening in these homes or how energy efficiency and utility programs can engage these consumers... MORE
Building the optimal customer-centric home: envelope assemblies, mechanical systems and the sale
12.17.13 | Is your energy efficiency and sustainability message falling upon deaf ears? Join us online to learn how to reframe the conversation and discuss the concept of a perfectly efficient home. We'll focus on meeting your customers' lifestyle desires... MORE
Basic building science—a study of air, heat and moisture movement
12.12.12 | As a result of this presentation, you will be able to: Explain the driving forces behind air, heat and moisture movement Identify heat and moisture transfer mechanisms Describe what creates an effective thermal boundary Specify building details... MORE
Examining window retrofit options
10.25.11 | Storm windows, insulating shades, sash replacements, awnings—what good news that we have so many ways to improve the performance of our windows. The bad news is...there are so many ways to improve the performance of our windows! How in the world can... MORE
Weatherization Tech Exchange: video series
07.17.11 | Dense-pack sidewall insulation Now you can watch nationally-recognized experts install dense-pack sidewall insulation without leaving the warmth of your home or office. This one-hour video features practical tips developed over years of hands-on... MORE
Scouting for residential electrical savings
01.26.10 | View the webinar on-demand: U.S. households are plugged in—there are now about 25 consumer electronic products in every household, compared with just three in 1980. A year-long field study in Minnesota sheds new light on the make-up of this... MORE