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Energy efficiency and demand response potential for Iowa Municipal Utilities for the years 2012 and 2018

2009 | By 2012 Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities members could save 58.5 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electric energy per year, reduce peak electric demand by 14.5 megawatts (MW), and save 869,000 therms of natural gas/propane per year through cost-effective energy efficiency initiatives. These... MORE


Ten-year update: emissions and economic analysis of geothermal heat pumps in Wisconsin

2009 | This analysis determines the cost-effectiveness and environmental impact of geothermal heat pump systems. We used building models to compare geothermal systems with conventional systems in otherwise identical buildings. This study is an update of the study completed in 2000: Emissions and... MORE


Energy Efficiency and Customer-Sited Renewable Resource Potential in Wisconsin for the Years 2012 and 2018 (Wisconsin Potential Study)

2009 | This technical and policy analysis was performed to determine the amount of energy use that can be displaced through efficiency programs and other initiatives. Prepared on behalf of the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin to inform program goals, priorities and funding levels. MORE


Behavior Change for the Climate: Is the Public Thinking What We’re Thinking?

2008 | Presented by Ingo Bensch at the Behavior, Energy & Climate Change Conference, Sacramento, California, November 19, 2008. MORE


Woody Biomass Resource Assessment for Presque Isle Power Plant: Final Report

2008 | The purpose of this study is to evaluate the potential supply of biomass suitable for use as fuel at the We Energies Presque Isle Power Plant. This study is part of a preliminary investigation into the possibility of converting the No. 4 boiler at Presque Isle from coal to wood fuel. (Joe... MORE


Is Climate Change a Good Thing? Opportunities and Barriers to Using Climate Change to Motivate Efficiency

2008 | Public attitudes about climate change have implications for advocates of energy efficiency and climate-friendly actions. The Energy Center examined what current attitudes about climate change mean for the use of climate messages to motivate energy efficiency and for public education on the... MORE


Communiques from the 2007 Midwest Energy Survey

2008 | Communiques from the 2007 Midwest Energy Survey. MORE


Field Study of Exterior Duct Leakage in New Wisconsin Homes

2008 | This report summarizes a field study of exterior duct leakage in 19 new Wisconsin homes. The goals of the study were to quantify duct leakage in homes with exterior duct runs and to compare several methods for assessing duct leakage. MORE


Farm Digester Progress in Wisconsin (part 1 of 2, BioCycle, November 2008)

2008 | This article by Joe Kramer and Larry Krom describes the Wisconsin Agricultural Biogas Casebook. MORE


Least-Cost Paths to Energy Independence at a Midwestern University

2008 | This paper identifies and analyzes several approaches and combinations of technologies to determine the best path for achieving energy independence at a Midwestern college. MORE