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Demonstration of Airlift Pump and Lignocellulosics in Recirculation Aquaculture Systems

2001 | Discusses the performance of a pilot system that used plant-based filters and airlift pumps (which provides aeration and recirculation in one unit) for aquaculture fish tanks. The system, which was based at the USDA Forest Products Laboratory, used nearly 80 percent less energy than a... MORE

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Evaporative Condenser Control: Techniques to Cut Energy Waste in Large Refrigeration Systems

2001 | Learn about proper sizing, head pressure control, and how to determine optimum head pressure. MORE


Investigation Into Zone Pressure Diagnostic Protocols for Low Income Weatherization Crews

2001 | This report investigates the methods for using Zone Pressure Diagnostics (ZPDs) in identifying and assessing indirect air leakage paths in houses. It also presents detailed results from the tests used to determine their accuracy. ZPDs are an established tool used by low-income... MORE


Building Industries of the Future in Our Own Back Yard (presentation)

2001 | The State of Wisconsin is using the US DOE's Industries of the Future strategy as model for a public benefits funded program to help energy intensive industries within the state. This presentation summarizes the Wisconsin experience with the metal casting and forest products industries, and... MORE


Roadmap of the Wisconsin Pulp and Paper Industry

2001 | This guide identifies long-term competitive needs in Wisconsin's forest products industry, programs underway to meet those needs, and other industry resources. This guide was an outgrowth of the U.S. Department of Energy's Industries of the Future program for the forest products industry. MORE


Strategic Assessment of Renewable Energy in Northeastern Wisconsin: An analysis for the Wisconsin Focus on Energy program

2001 | Condensed report estimates to what extent renewable energy could displace the use of fossil fuels in the 23-county Wisconsin Focus on Energy area, based on various carbon tax scenarios. Considers electricity, transportation, and thermal energy. MORE


Snap-on Tools Eliminates Need for New Air Compressor

2000 | Learn how a Wisconsin manufacturer improved the control of their compressed air system, resulting in lower operating costs and better performance. MORE

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Oxygen Enriched Combustion Technologies

2000 | New technology assessment introduces the technology and discusses benefits, outlines market barriers, and lists information sources. MORE


Emissions and economic analysis of ground source heat pumps in Wisconsin

2000 | Compares ground source heat pumps and conventional heating and air conditioning systems based on economics and emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, sulfur dioxide, and mercury. The analysis considers both residential and commercial buildings. See the updated study published in 2009... MORE


Wisconsin Metalcasting Roadmap

2000 | This guide identifies long-term competitive needs in Wisconsin's metalcasting industry and lists programs underway to meet those needs, as well as other industry resources. The guide was an outgrowth of the U.S. Department of Energy's Industries of the Future program for the metalcasting... MORE