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Demand-Controlled HVAC for High Tech Facilities

2002 | New technology assessment introduces the technology and discusses benefits, outlines market barriers, and lists information sources. MORE

fact sheet

Project profile: Thrivent Financial Bank, Appleton, WI



Industries of the Future Roadmap for the Wisconsin Food Processing Industry

2002 | This document was funded through Focus on Energy. To help carry out projects that will improve industry competitiveness, the Industries of the Future program follows an industry roadmap. The roadmap describes current industry needs, identifies potential solutions and offers guidance for... MORE


Energy Savings from the Wisconsin ENERGY STAR Homes Program

2002 | This report examines differences in energy use between participants in the Wisconsin ENERGY STAR Homes program in 1999 and 2000 and similar non-participants who built new homes during the same period. It is based on utility billing histories and a homeowner survey for approximately 100... MORE


Education and training for market transformation programs: keys to success

2002 | In this ACEEE paper, Marge Anderson describes the Energy Center's effect on behavior change through a successful combination of factors: applying theory to the design of education and training programs; adapting adult learning techniques to technical subject matter and technical instructors... MORE


Optimal Design and Operation of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Systems for Small-Scale Stationary Applications

2002 | This PhD thesis describes optimal strategies for designing and operating stationary fuel cell systems. The document also offers suggestions on sizing fuel cell stacks. MORE


Roadmap of the Wisconsin Pulp and Paper Industry

2001 | This guide identifies long-term competitive needs in Wisconsin's forest products industry, programs underway to meet those needs, and other industry resources. This guide was an outgrowth of the U.S. Department of Energy's Industries of the Future program for the forest products industry. MORE


Strategic Assessment of Renewable Energy in Northeastern Wisconsin: An analysis for the Wisconsin Focus on Energy program

2001 | Condensed report estimates to what extent renewable energy could displace the use of fossil fuels in the 23-county Wisconsin Focus on Energy area, based on various carbon tax scenarios. Considers electricity, transportation, and thermal energy. MORE


Optimizing Load Sharing with Multiple Compressors: Techniques to Cut Energy Waste in Large Refrigeration Systems

2001 | Discusses part-load performance of screw and reciprocating compressors and how to share the load between multiple units. MORE


Energy Services Partnership: An evaluation of a coordinated low-income services program

2001 | The Energy Services Partnership was a group of community organizations who coordinated a low-income energy services program in La Crosse County, Wisconsin for five years. This evaluation focuses on a computer system used by the ESP to provide referrals and share application information among... MORE