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Renewable Hydrogen Demonstration and Education Project

2003 | This document reports on a renewable biomass-to-hydrogen energy conversion technology called aqueous phase carbohydrate reforming. It describes the development of a demonstration unit, activities, and materials to train teachers on hydrogen energy. MORE


Demonstration of Low-Pressure Membrane Technologies on Lake Michigan Water

2003 | This report presents the results of a study of membrane filtration technologies used to filter Lake Michigan water. The study compiled energy performance data on four membrane technologies and compares the best performing one to UV and ozone disinfection. MORE


Energy-Saving Opportunities for Wastewater Facilities: A Review

2003 | Literature review surveys various means for reducing energy use in wastewater facilities. Covers electric bill, equipment and processes. MORE


Training Needs Assessment for High Performance Commercial Buildings: Office and Educational Buildings

2003 | This study investigates several research questions related to high performance building practices in the commercial new construction market. One key component of this study was to understand market actors' interest in training on high performance practices and their preferred training... MORE


Commercial and Industrial Equipment Supply Chains: An assessment of the pulp and paper industry

2003 | This Focus on Energy report provides in-depth market information on the distributors, manufacturers and designers who supply equipment to the pulp and paper industry and how energy efficiency factors into their activities. It examines how equipment moves through the market, and the attitudes... MORE


Electricity Use by New Furnaces: A Wisconsin Field Study

2003 | Field tests and monitoring of 31 new Wisconsin furnaces showed that multi-stage furnaces with electronically commutated blower motors (ECMs) use significantly less electricity than conventional new condensing furnaces, especially when operated in year-round continuous-fan mode. MORE

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Compressed Air Venturi Nozzles

2003 | New technology assessment introduces the technology and discusses benefits, outlines market barriers, and lists information sources. MORE


Field Study of Ventilation in New Wisconsin Homes

2003 | Report examines the effectiveness of various ventilation techniques in two dozen new Wisconsin homes, 18 of which were Wisconsin ENERGY STAR® homes. The study covers bathroom and kitchen fans, central exhaust-only systems, heat recovery ventilators, and incidental ventilation from... MORE


Copper Plumbing Failures in Southeastern Wisconsin: Impacts on Water Loss and Energy Efficiency

2003 | This study surveyed leaks in copper plumbing in 49 ground water and surface water utilities in southeastern Wisconsin. The research investigated the causes of these leaks and assessed potential impact on water loss and energy efficiency. MORE


Energy Use at Wisconsin's Drinking Water Facilities

2003 | This report sets a baseline for energy use at Wisconsin's drinking water facilities. It also reviews energy saving measures that water utilities use. MORE