Published: 2010

This report summarizes an investigation of electricity savings opportunities in Minnesota homes related to home electronics and other plug-in devices.


Three datasets from this research are also available for public use. Energy researchers are most likely to find these data of value. See the methodology description and appendices of the final report for further context and survey instruments.

  • Telephone survey results: household demographic and attitudinal data; and limited equipment data (contact Ingo Bensch)
  • Appliance saturation survey results: comprehensive household appliance saturation data with an emphasis on computer and entertainment devices (contact Ingo Bensch or Scott Pigg)
  • Metering data: observed equipment inventory and summary-level meter data by device (contact Scott Pigg)

Project background

With the funding support of the Minnesota Office of Energy Security and Minnesota Power Company, the Energy Center directed a timely consumer electronics field study on behaviors and usage patterns of homes across the state of Minnesota. Various household electrical devices, their energy use and related consumer behaviors were explored throughout this year-long study with the ultimate goal of identifying both behavioral and technical savings opportunities. The study encompassed phone, mail and in-home contact as information gathering methods and has wielded some intriguing data.

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