Evolving lighting: technology and human factors

Wednesday, September 12, 2012 · available on-demand

103 minutes

As a result of this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Design cost effective lighting that positively impacts human performance and other factors while providing sufficient footcandles.
  • Determine when it makes sense to retrofit or wait for new, less expensive technologies.
  • Use alternative tools to quantify lighting changes as opposed to traditional payback and return on investment calculations.
  • Identify the limitations of some lighting technologies including dimming ballasts and automatic controls.

Who should watch?

Lighting contractors, electricians, energy program design and implementation professionals, lighting designers, architects, building owners, commercial building energy advocates, interior designers, property managers, facility managers, utility representatives and anyone interested in lighting technologies.

Through lecture and case studies that feature hospital, school and office settings, explore the impact of lighting on human factors and new lighting technologies including LED dimming, Kelvin changing troffers, troffer kits, task lights, nature scene troffers and cost effective controls. We will address key questions including:

  • When will LED surpass high performance linear fluorescent?
  • Will LED T8s ever become the product of choice in troffers?
  • Why are upgrades better than just trying to reduce wattage?

Also discover alternatives to traditional payback and return on investment calculations to help quantify lighting upgrades and assist in the decision-making process. Discuss exterior lighting solutions, the relevance of induction today and the next generation of lighting technologies on the horizon.