Seventhwave's staff has training in architecture, engineering, economics, statistics, information services, psychology, policy analysis, finance, education and communications. We rely on this diverse skill set to offer a broad variety of services supporting our mission.

We advance the understanding of energy systems in buildings.

Seventhwave's Jennifer Li measures light levelsOur research informs the development of solutions to energy and environmental challenges, and these solutions result in programs, consulting and training opportunities.

We are particularly adept at conceiving, implementing and analyzing the results from research that involves a combination of survey data, on-site data collection and utility billing data. We have extensive experience in statistical sample design and evaluation, and many of our research projects are designed to deliver statistically-valid results.

Seventhwave's Scott Hackel with research dataCLIMATE RESILIENCE—We inform adaptation and operational strategies by predicting local climate change impacts.

TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH—We investigate the performance of emerging technologies and approaches, revealing how technology and human behavior play out in the real world.

MARKET CHARACTERIZATION—We combine our advanced expertise with field experience, customer insights and rigorous economic filters to identify the market potential for a range of programs and technologies in all customer sectors.

Technical design support and strategies improve building performance.

Seventhwave's Drew Morrison in ChicagoWe take a holistic approach to every project by looking for synergies among building systems, architecture and the local climate to create a design greater than the sum of its parts. We help design teams establish measurable goals, discover opportunities, investigate options and optimize solutions.

Working closely with our clients, we inform decision-making by sharing our knowledge and tools. To ensure optimal performance in the real world, we also incorporate behavior-based initiatives, commissioning and strategies for advanced measurement and verification.

Our services include: Pre-design performance benchmarking · Conceptual design assistance and analysis · Energy charrettes · Detailed modeling and compliance · Net zero energy design · Daylighting design · Thermal comfort analysis · Envelope optimization · System selection and optimization · Measurement, monitoring and verification · Commissioning

We help utilities capture savings and satisfy customers.

Seventhwave's Jacqueline Freidel pilots the Ecoconcierge programWe create effective energy efficiency programs through deep technology expertise, innovative educational strategies, and an understanding of human dynamics.

We also have a comprehensive set of qualifications, skills and experience in energy efficiency program evaluation including expertise in analyzing billing data; designing and implementing surveys and interviews; modeling buildings and systems; and conducting secondary research. We process billing data for more than 1.5 million residential utility gas customers to conduct regular impact evaluations of five energy efficiency programs. We’re also establishing a baseline of energy use in new homes to aid in evaluating programs for this market.

We amplify the learning experience.

Seventhwave's Saranya Gunasingh co-presents in ChicagoOur training team produces and delivers live trainings, online courses and conferences each year for a variety of partners, clients and audiences. Our expertise includes instructional design, curriculum development, online course and video production, event marketing and program accreditation to support licensure/membership requirements.

Using a powerful digital education platform and database, we reach hundreds of customers with our online courses while on-location events target specific stakeholders and disciplines.

Awards include: Rich Media Impact Rapid ROI Award from Sonic Foundry (2011) · Inspiring Efficiency Award in Education from the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (2011) · Industry Partner Award from Meeting Professionals International-Wisconsin Chapter (2010) · Rich Media Impact Global Reach Award from Sonic Foundry (2010) · Global Paragon Award from Meeting Professionals International (2007) · American Institute of Architects Award of Excellence for Education (1998 and 2002) · International Association of Continuing Education and Training’s Exemplar Award (2000)

We examine utility business models in an age of changing technologies.

Seventhwave's Steve KihmUtilities are feeling pressure from efficiency gains that reduce sales, requirements to lower emissions from their plants, and renewable energy sources that they don’t own absorbing a larger share of the market. Steve Kihm is working to give investor-owned utility executives a path to value for their shareholders while also meeting customer expectations for innovation and flexibility.

Steve has worked on issues affecting regulated utilities for 36 years, including 21 years with the Wisconsin Public Service Commission. He has testified before regulatory commissions in the District of Columbia, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. He has also authored numerous policy papers and co-authored an article for the Energy Law Journal as well as a book on risk principles for utility regulators. Steve is a Senior Fellow at Michigan State University’s Institute of Public Utilities.