Wednesday, June 27, 2012 · available on-demand

30 minutes

Hear what residential customers in Wisconsin, the Midwest, and the nation had to say about energy topics! Join Ingo Bensch for a webinar on the Energy Center of Wisconsin's latest research on consumer perceptions and actions concerning their energy use at home.

Ingo shares insights from the 2011 Midwest Energy Survey on these five topics:

  • Turning off the energy spigot—what do households say they are doing to reduce home energy usage?
  • "It's the economy, stupid" (or is it?)—the role economic concerns are having on household practices
  • Relationships still matter for energy education—where do the utilities fit in?
  • Choice mentality—do people's sense of how they make choices affect their energy practices?
  • Tracking perception change about the climate—are people changing?

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