ALG Online: introduction to best practices in advanced lighting design

Tuesday, June 7, 2011 · 1–2 pm Central

60 minutes

Discover how to incorporate the most advanced, energy-saving strategies and technologies into your next project. Join us for an introduction to ALG Online and find out how this independent resource assists design professionals in achieving high quality lighting design.

Client expectations for lighting design in green buildings include both high quality performance and energy efficiency. This webinar, the first of two, introduces ALG Online, the web version of New Building Institute's updated Advanced Lighting Guidelines.

Participants will learn about ALG Online's instructional graphics and superior design solutions for many building types and spaces, along with best practice advice on topics such as daylighting, integration of controls, research in health and human performance, codes and policies that affect lighting efficiency, emerging technologies, and design applications. Discover ALG Online's applications directory and tech sheets identifying high performance luminaires.

Examine several other new, no-cost tools including DOE's Commercial Lighting Solutions, Daylighting for Office Interiors Guide, and the Daylighting Pattern Guide.