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As a result of this training you will be able to:

  • Explain the RTU related requirements of the IECC.
  • Select the appropriate RTU accessories to maximize performance and efficiency.
  • Describe the newest energy savings RTU option of multi-speed fan control.
  • Discuss the various retrofit controls available today.

To get the most out of this webcast we recommend that you have fundamental knowledge of RTUs and technologies such as: economizers, demand controlled ventilation, staged air volume and energy recovery ventilation or watch this webinar in advance.

Who should watch?
HVAC system designers, engineers and contractors, energy efficiency specialists, facility managers, HVAC equipment manufacturers' representatives, facility engineers and anyone interested in learning more about commercial rooftop unit control strategies.

Packaged rooftop units are used to easily and effectively heat and cool more than 50 percent of all commercial buildings in the U.S. A recent U.S. Department of Energy study explored how we can make these units more efficient and the solution is summarized in three words; advanced rooftop control. Join us to explore the DOE’s recent findings, as well as the options available to save a significant amount of energy currently wasted by RTUs.

In the past 10 years, the average gas efficiency of RTUs has moved from 80 percent to just 82 percent and the cooling efficiency of the refrigeration circuits has improved slightly. Join us to learn how to improve the efficiency of existing and new RTUs. We’ll discuss recent DOE research, review products, explain how to get electric savings with new fan controls and summarize code requirements and standards.

Course outline

Define advanced rooftop control strategies

  • All magic “black boxes” are not created equal—buyer beware.
  • The building blocks of multi-speed fan control, integrated economizer and DCV
  • DOE research summary including PNNL July 2013

Multi-speed fan control

  • Name game: staged air volume, single zone VAV, multi-stage air volume,
  • Staged air volume and VAV differences
  • Variable frequency drives on a “constant volume” RTU
  • Control functionality
  • Standards and energy code requirements
  • Summary of energy savings, utility rebates and payback

Compressor capacity control strategies

  • Multi-stage
  • Hot gas bypass and APR controls
  • Digital scroll
  • Variable speed

Product reviews of retrofit controls

  • Transformative Wave’s CATALYST
  • Enerfit
  • Bes-Tech’s Digi-RTU Optimizer

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