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If they were musicians, they'd be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Have you mastered standard practices and seek high-level information and instruction? You’re in luck. Master speakers present on topics relevant to the seasoned professional. Meet our conference rock stars:

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Pursue net zero with Ann Edminster, Design AVEnues, LLC
She'll share typical pitfalls and how to avoid them, as well as the economics of net zero.

Solve building puzzles with Peter Yost, BuildingGreen, Inc.
He'll present hydrothermal issues, building enclosure deficiencies and mechanical system snafus, then ask you for a solution before he shares his.

Investigate wet attics with Keith Williams, Building Services and Consultant, LLC
He'll examine the issues posed by attics, look at common problems and discuss materials and methods to fix those areas in existing homes.

Explore high performance HVAC with Patrick O'Malley, Building Knowledge
He'll help you update your techniques and products to match the expectations of high performance home owners.

Build more efficient homes, more efficiently with Steve Romme, eFree Advisors, LLC
Using the experience from more than 50 homes, he'll explain where builders should focus their efforts to get the most bang for their buck.

Contemplate Passive House projects with Tim Delhey Eian, TE Studio, Ltd.
He'll outline the basic premise and targets of the standard and showcase its implementation.

Install radiant slab heating correctly with Joe Nagan, Home Building Technology Services
He'll cover cost effective details for radiant slab heating done right and touch on the mandatory requirements unique to the Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code.

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