Taking a performance-based approach to building procurement: opportunities for owners, designers, and CIPs
Download this report from the Minnesota Department of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources.

Seventhwave EUI Analyzer
This powerful tool helps owners and design firms understand actual building performance. Users can filter data, add custom data points and compare benchmarks.

Achieving superior energy performance through performance-based procurement (February 2016)
This webinar presentation was part of the Energy Trust of Oregon’s Building Energy Simulation Forum.

Procurement Path for Energy-Efficient Buildings (ASHRAE Journal, April 2015)
Some building owners achieve performance by setting an absolute, measurable energy goal at the beginning of the project. This emerging contract method spurs energy efficient building and balances risk to create cost effective solutions. Millions of square feet are built every year that will not perform as expected. This new procurement approach drives better design and guarantees performance.

Energy-Performance-Based Acquisition for Commercial Buildings (from the U.S. Department of Energy)
Energy-performance-based acquisition is the process of considering well-defined energy performance goals and incentives for the entire building lifecycle, including planning, design, construction, and operation. Learn more about a typical energy-performance-based project using the steps and resources on this site.

Integration at its Finest: Success in High-Performance Building Design and Project Delivery in the Federal Sector
The University of Minnesota, School of Architecture completed this report that highlights project-delivery best practices that can be used to advance the industry’s development of high-performing buildings. Performance based metrics is becoming more commonly used in the building industry and these projects exemplify several options for how those goals can be a positive force in complex projects.

Partner meeting and owner workshop
We hosted a dynamic gathering of leading utilities, owners, contractors and non-profit partners to start moving forward on pilot projects. Each brings a unique perspective to move performance-based procurement to an industry movement. Download the owner workshop and partner meeting presentations.