Achieving high performance at a better value

Accelerate Performance is a U.S. Department of Energy funded initiative that empowers owners and developers to achieve desired energy performance goals. It will change the way they procure their buildings.

Building owners prioritize project goals, specify an energy performance requirement and select the design and contractor teams based on their ability to meet it. Then they measure energy performance to verify that the contract requirement is met.

By leveraging the DOE investment, our team of nationally recognized experts will support owners by integrating performance-based procurement into their next new construction or major renovation project. This approach has been proven to help owners achieve high performance buildings or even net zero energy buildings at little or no additional cost.

traditional vs performance-based

Bridging design to operations

Selecting the appropriate procurement terms and conditions is one of the fundamental decisions owners can make for their project. Owners need buildings to perform as expected. Performance promised during design should be realized after occupancy. Accelerate Performance promotes widespread adoption of performance-based procurement for new construction projects by scaling a proven approach.

Performance-based procurement allows design and contractor teams to bring their best approaches forward for superior building performance and teaches owners how to evaluate these approaches for energy performance and quality. The approach allows room for designers, contractors and owners to benefit financially from cost savings in both construction and operation.